Tintoretto By:Katherine Violette


  • Tintoretto was born in 1518 in Venice, Italy
  • All of his life was spent in Venice.
  • He was briefly a student of Titian's but was kicked out after only 10 days because of his potential. He became very independent and developed his own personal techniques. He studied how Michelangelo painted bodies in motion and soon mastered the technique himself.
  • He was a bold painter by creating very dramatic colors in his artwork. Tintoretto was also the last great painter of the Italian Renaissance. His real name was Jacopo Robusti, and became known as "Tintoretto" because his father was a dyer, or tintore. Little personal information is known about him, but it is known that he spent a lot of time learning how to develop his own style of painting.
  • He created many bold and intensely realistic paintings. Three of his pieces are Young Man With a Beard, The Doge Lorenzo Soranzo, and Saint Nicolas of Bari.
  • His patrons were Titian and Michelangelo.


"The Last Supper"
  • "The Last Supper" was created by Tintoretto in 1594
  • This painting is still displayed today in Madrid's Prado Museum
  • The distribution of light was demonstrated very strongly in this piece
  • I find this piece interesting because of how Tintoretto uses the distribution of light in different ways. He uses faint light rays as an added effect to make the artwork more intriguing. I like how he draws halos around people to identify who in the room is important. He makes the room very dark, so it is more easier to notice the halos and recognize the important figures seated around the table.
  • Secularism is most closely linked to this piece. Tintoretto clearly identifies one of the most prominent figures in religion, Jesus, by painting a bright halo around his head. At the last supper, they are distributing the Eucharist, which also plays a major role in religion.


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Tintoretto. The Last Supper, 1594, painting, Madrid's Prado Museum

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