South Forsyth Repertoire Project A ongoing commitment to expanding our wind band repertoire through commissioned works from creative and varied composers.


The goal of the project is to annually commission multiple original compositions for wind bands from creative, varied, and underrepresented composers.

  • The South Forsyth Repertoire Project focuses on works for ensembles at the grade 2 through grade 5 level.
  • Annually, the project seeks to commission two or more works to advance our repertoire and breathe new life into the creative process.
  • We are commissioning three new works in 2021-2022.
  • Our first priority is to find dynamic and creative composers willing to write for the project with a focus on providing opportunities for underrepresented composers.
  • Our second priority is to enhance the quality, creativity, and variety of music being written for this level of ensemble.
  • Our final priority is to make the project an ongoing opportunity for composers and performers alike.

How Can I Support the Project?

You can help support this endeavor through donations. All levels of donations are appreciated. We thank you for your generosity.

To donate go to www.mypaymentsplus.com

If you are already registered on mypaymentsplus, you can search for our state, Georgia, district, Forsyth County, and you will see tabs for various schools. Click on South Forsyth Middle School. Then click on Band Repertoire Project and then Andrew Poor. There is a tab "Band - South Forsyth Repertoire Project" on the menu where you can access the donation tab and enter the amount you would like to donate. Then follow the checkout process. Thank you for your donation.

If you are new to mypaymentsplus, you can register as a guest and then follow the instructions which will lead you to the instructions listed above. State of Georgia, District, Forsyth, and you can skip adding a student.

You can join the Consortium with a $300 donation and membership is open to schools and music organizations. This donation provides membership in the commissioning project, access to the works from that year pre-publication, premiering rights, listed on any published versions of the works, and helps to ensure the viability of the project.

To join the Consortium, email APoor@forsyth.k12.ga.us for details.

As the consortium and donations increase, the size and scope of the project will expand to provide additional opportunities for composers and new works for wind band.

We are looking for dynamic and creative composers.

Composers interested in participating in future commissions can contact the directors at APoor@forsyth.k12.ga.us and NHughes@forsyth.k12.ga.us and share their work.

Participating Composers in 2021-2022

Nicole Chamberlain


Ayatey Shabazz


Benjamin Yeo


Project Directors

Dr. Andrew F. Poor and Mr. Nate Hughes

Andrew F. Poor (Left) Nate Hughes (Right)

As composers, we understand the challenges which exist in committing to your art and also sustaining a livelihood. The idea for this project arose from our own personal experiences as composers while also being passionate about providing our students with exciting, relevant, and creative works for them to perform. Commissioning new works is essential to the growth of our art form and our students deserve the chance to perform music of the highest quality. By providing opportunities for underrepresented creative voices to commit to their art, we are helping to expand our repertoire and enhance the educational experience of all develop to advanced level wind band students.

Thank You

We want to thank you for considering supporting this project for young musicians everywhere. We also want to thank the school administration of South Forsyth Middle School for their support with the logistics and vision for this project.

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Andrew Poor


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