Why Do We Have Pluto As A Member?

Sure, Pluto, or Plutos, cannot be provided with the appropriate citizenship, and it is not the issue here. Such adorable fluffy puppies and we human beings have once had the relationships, which are often us, kids back then, and toys, as the things for us to play with and learn what life is about with, because toys don't bite or scald us. They are rather designed to make us feel happy by letting us play with them. They heal us, they stay with us.Despite the happy time spent together with the toys, we then forget about them as we grow up. We come to think that during the process of growing up, we must become able to live without them. They are simply, childish, indeed. People will laugh at you if you carry them with you when you turn, say, even 18 or so.

We are in the midst of technology revolution that enables us to be internalized to have us grounded with our real authenticity which is supposed to be the wealth creation for our diverse economy system and it is the part of the reason why we are facing the time of connectivity. However, the connected-era cannot be our booster without the methods to enjoy it. Can we just get connected and stay open to each other? I guess not. Should everyone stay equal to each other? I guess not, if you are better at something, you should be praised. Should we be living under the same value to be praised? Perhaps, not. We ought to have the different boundaries and identities, and the way to allow us to transform our identities everyday while we have the secure communities and social networks working properly for us to belong.

Then it comes to this question - can everybody be so different to each other and yet be so enormously happy that he doesn't feel like comparing him with someone else? Because happiness, in other words, the higher emotion, is the place where we can have our hearts stored in anytime even though we cannot be physically completely same to avoid feeling undervalued.

In the world full of comparison based twisted identities that pull one another to be almost someone else to gain something we need, Pluto represents the little something that's not there yet. Pluto can get along with everybody, let alone, Minnie and Mickey, and with your and our internal little something that's waiting to pop. Without physically identifying Pluto stage in everybody's area, meaning that without consciously admitting the importance of the acknowledgement of our little adorable something yet still growing to become something greater, creative workspace cannot embrace the employees' and stakeholders' real talents. Spontaneous idea generating comes with the openness to showing vulnerability. We, INSPIRATIQUE, cares about your little something that's about to become the core of yourself to strongly and bravely differentiate your own talent from someone else. Pluto is the key to the infinite possibility for us.

The idea of network fluid organization is inspired when the founder was working at the global creative agency called Leo Burnett. At Leo Burnett Singapore, new organizational approach was experimentally launched, to be more fluid. Indeed, not everybody can have the right job right after university and not many actually know what they would be good at. To swim better in the fast paced agency ocean, it is crucial to keep being challenging to what's new, remaining flexible and adaptable to the unknown. INSPIRATIQUE does it in our way by seeing what has not been openly recognized as contribution, such as the little something within us that just wanted ourselves to move forward to get anything possible, for instance. It is the way to praise our "note there yet" gem to value the social measurement, business measurement, society matrix and our own something that can only prosper under the conscious recognition, because beyond all the groups, countries and communities that give us the identities, we are individuals with great enough talents that can create anything, anywhere.

Besides Pluto originally being the famous Disney cartoon and our Plutos being stuffed toys, it is the time for us to understand the true value of all the materials we tend to weigh too much in our society. Despite what many believes in spirituality, it is not about getting rid of things and live as minimalists doing yoga. We need him to remind us that, because it is not one way or another, live spiritually or live materialistically. According to the Australian spiritual teacher of Divine Feminine Course, and some other resources, the time is now that our centralized universe is getting collapsed and shifting into the new world where we feel God in everything, not just everybody. It is going to be outdated to value what are already shining with the centralized authority's approval out there, like money, status, big houses, etc., and beyond time, we are moving into the era where we understand more about diversity and creativity to enhance our entire world together. It is also the shift time from astrology stand point. It is the time we all want to change to live differently, accepting more difference. Pluto is not a robot or a human being, but he is with us. He is absolutely valuable, but not in the clear way with the written capabilities. In the end, he is a part of us, sharing our emotions, growth, passion and love. So we are with Pluto. Having Pluto as our member doesn't put us down or kiddish, but accelerates our journey to the infinite creativity.

Just because Pluto or comets aren't as big as Jupiter doesn't mean they are not scientifically important - indeed, just the reverse is often true. Sometimes, great things come in small packages. - Alan Stern

Pluto, the dwarf planet

Planet Pluto is the dwarf planet between the solar system and the outside of it. Little Pluto is there with us.

Pluto, the King of underground and the God of dead soul... the fearsome thing for living things....

Pluto, for the ultimate balance

God, he sees what you don't see. He sees when you can't be seen. He fearlessly stands between the world and the hell, judging us protecting the dead souls. But are we still afraid? Isn't the time to go beyond such concepts that had put us in fear of losing for such a long time?

God bless Minnie, God bless Pluto, God bless everyone! Amen! - Micky Mounse

Pluto, the idol dog from the dream family

Pluto is the dog pet from the dream world. He wouldn't give up being himself. With authenticity, as the dog looking dog in the Mickey's house, he shines without any hesitation. Why don't we.

Story of our Pluto&Pluto

Love made him, and he tells us love.

One day, I was walking by the Umegaoka station, and found a man showcasing his stuff to give away. I stopped in front of the space full of living essentials such as catlaries, cups and plates, electronic supplies.. The man who was spreading other things in the space looked at me and said to me to take anything I like. I said to him that I thanked his offer, and looked up at the basket of something like a bicycle. I had to see them because in the basket there were adorable stuffed animals. I saw a realistic looking zebra first. While I was wondering if it would be okay to take this one back because I didn’t know if I would want it for real. The man saw me holding the zebra, and told me to take the other one, too. The other one, was the yellow dog that looked familier. Oh Pluto! I thought. No wonder he looked familier to me. He was my favorite puppet at the English school I was working for after graduation from the university. I loved singing English songs to kids using cute puppets like him. Every kid loved him. The happy memories came back to me, and made me want to bring him back in stead of the realistic looking zebra, which could be a better object to place in a room, rather than Pluto, because Pluto was bigger than the zebra and was also made as a hand puppet. "There was no way I would need him, or would deserve him, either", I got saddened by my own thought. I was living in a small studio room, and there was no way I could take extra things.

It was the second year of my own sole proprietorship and including my physical condition, it was not going well. The only thing that kept me going was that I could tell that I was somehow enjoying it far more than any other jobs. It was my first experience of working for myself. I was free to take any challenges in business, which I liked the most.

I would normally choose the zebra, but I chose Pluto. I said, “thank you” to the man, and left with Pluto and other stuff I got from him. That was all I could carry in my arms. It should have been all that it would get me. But there was more. The magic happened.

I fell in love with this Pluto after I braught him back to my place. Even while I was walking back to my place, I would see me holding the big yello Pluto in my arm and felt like I couldn’t stop liking me with him, too. "We both looked cute with each other", I thought. I felt so happy. It was the feeling I had forgotten for such a long time.

I liked him so much that I started not to care about what other people would think of me. I might seem like a strange woman living with a big puppet stuffed animal. But I didn’t care. He was so adorable. There was something about him.

Spending a few days with him, I realized that he had a lot of memories. That might be the reason why I got along with him that well. I felt like he had spent sad days. I then said to him, “You have been through a lot, too.” He wouldn’t move, so I moved him to nodd to my words, which made me feel like I am still a little girl surrounded by toys, not real human beings. I didn’t like that feeling of childishness because it hurted my self-esteem, but I couldn’t stop loving him that way, either. I used to love stuffed animals when I was a little girl. The closest “stuffy” friends were Tom and Jerry. They were gifts my brother got. But because he was a big brother, he had to give them to me. “You are a big brother. Give those to your little sister.” My father told him. He gave them to me with a smile as far as I can remember. Ever since, I had always loved the stuffed animals. Whenever I had some time alone in my room, I would play with them. I thought I was over that, but Pluto got that back to me to ascend from that time, never to "get it over with”.

Just like children plays can be the playground to practice to become grownups, playing with stuffed animals were probably like simulation. That was why I thought I wanted to be over that as a 37 years old woman. But soon or later, I stopped being trapped in that fixed mindset. Or I could not help thinking differently because I loved him so much. Loving him makes me accept him as the Love medium. I was mentally despressed, physically ill and had a lot of work in challenging situations. I would be said something nice by someone and rejected to take that as niceness because I was so confirmed that the world is hedious to me. Not consciously but naturally, I started to get numb about any relationship matters. I thought nothing would matter but I was wrong. With such attitude to the world, things get worse and worse. My physical condition will be worse, it would be hard to do simple work, it would be difficult to get socialize and my life won’t go well. That time, I was unhappy about anything in my life. But Pluto made me change.

I would spend some time at work and come back home. Seeing Pluto will melt the cold walls in my heart. I would talk to him, and he would send me some mind message or something saying that that person loved me and this and that was the reason why he said that. He wouldn’t verbally tell me but with Pluto I could understand that.

So I first thought that Pluto was a love teacher. He teaches me how to love. But I ended up having to give up labeling him because he was as great as love himself.

Being physically under recovery, I was learning how to heal my own body with my hands. So I gave my “plana energy” to Pluto for some reasons. In the energy healing introduction document, it says that we can give energy to things not just to people and the things will have power, like it would become your lucky items. Well, I hated the idea of “making my thing a lucky item” so I stopped it, but I think I understood the mechanisim feeling so much about him after I give my energy to him. It was surprising how vividly I could sense what he had been doing before he met me. I could sense him cheering a sick woman with the man, or supporting the daughter at the school sport festivals. This would last for a long time between me and him. I ended up traveling with him, and I would sense him being in my luggage or even the carbon box he was put in when I shipped him. Then I would realize how scary it was for him and how easily I was using the logistic services. What if something bad happen for him? It was the first feeling of mothering love to someone/something else for me. Great learning. Love teaches me everything.

Not being able to wipe out the dilemma of loving him and disliking how I feel about me loving him considering my age and the common sense about the stuffed animals, I got him a friend, another same stuffed animal. They teach me love being the medium of love, and that’s what I want to share with the world. If anybody has a house to feel relaxed, a caring family member to meet everyday, there will be less crimes in the world. There will be more healed hearts that will enlighten the others, too. If all the people can be properly healed or at least be provided with the opportunity to be perfectly accepted and protected as who they are, there probably isn't the idea of "working too hard" or "not good enough", because we are all perfect as the way we are.

I hope this explains me and Plutos, and why they are the ambassadors of our company. Be in love with the world with us. When you are tired, let yourself fall for Pluto and be energized.

Expand your world with our Pluto. Make happy changes. Love&Peace. Enjoy!

Created By
Yukiko Sakata