A Trip To New Mexico By: Nathan Horst

In the morning at about 3:30 me and my family were already to go on a big trip that would be amazing! But it will be far.

Driving to New Mexico And Almost There! I Can't Wait

Then we were finally there in Chaco Culture National park In New Mexico!

Then we were Finally There! This is the place where we entered.

When my Dad paid for about 2 nights to stay there. We brought a tent along and we set it up, I was Excited!

This is our campsite to stay for 2 Nights!

Me and my family went hiking on a trail for awhile and we had a lot of fun doing that!

We went hiking here and enjoyed it.

The Two Nights were done then we had to leave, But i wanted to stay longer but I couldn't.

We were on the road because they were calling for storms at the national park when we planned to leave.

Awhile driving it was storming in New Mexico a lot of people were driving away from the storm that was coming for us!

The Red car was us. A lot of other people thought to leave would be the best idea.

Then we finally made it away from the storm a little bit and we were fine and still far away from home.

A lot of people got stuck in the storm but we got out of it. We were in Arkansas!

Then we got closer to home! We were at the Arkansas border already and close to home.

Driving in a tunnel filled with lights.

When we reached central Tennessee we've decided to stay at a hotel for a night then leave again.

We stopped at Franklin, TN near Nashville and stayed here for one night!

Then we got in Western Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh and we were very close to home!

A picture of Pittsburgh, PA

Then we were finally home and happy to be back at our house! The Trip to New Mexico was done. I was sad, but happy to be home!

Our House!

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