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Need for a way to quickly reuse and repurpose content across multiple channels and touchpoints. Use same content on AEM's own web pages, mobile app, screens and email, as well as in 3rd party CMS, commerce solution, mobile app, POS, IoT, affiliate sites, ads, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

After publishing on own and 3rd party channels, be able to monitor the performance of all digital channels and optimize the experience for each.

Enable the user to make use of the content in multiple environments, like out shopping and in their own kitchen.

Sneak overview

First set up a web page in AEM for a new recipe for a food company site. Select the food recipe article optimized for a web page, then convert it into an experience fragment and make a variation of the food recipe article for sharing on Facebook. Make another couple of variations of same food article and publish to affiliate sites and place an ad via Adobe Media Optimizer. Same again for IoT fridge and mobile app. Then create a faster email campaign with an Experience Fragment in a newsletter and distributed via Adobe Campaign.

Monitor the performance of different channels in Adobe Analytics.

View recipe on mobile app created using a variation of same article/recipe in appropriate format for a mobile and also open recipe directly on IoT fridge for use in the kitchen.

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Juliet Johnson

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