My American Dream

The American Dream is living and standing by each other at any cause and not hating your neighbor. Also Living The American Dream is achieving every goal and living the future lifestyle how you plan to live as.

After High School I would like to become a Mechanical Engineer or a Technician. But before achieving the goal i would go study at UTI to get an ASE Certification.

In 10 Years from now, i see myself living and achieving the goals i want to accomplish, for example been the boss of my own Job were i get a well-paying job, Have Family and possible move out of the country, like going to Europe.

Making the best to accomplish the goals is not easy, going through obstacles like not been able to do something, or hard to complete a task, Also people might not support me or even letting me down Saying "YOU CANT DO IT".

Choosing people to let you down is the easy part, but standing up for yourself and ignoring all the negativity is the hard part, knowing that people rather see you down and not be successful is hard, but to overcome the obstacles i would look high and not look down and be stronger each day.

IF "Plan A" didn't work. The Alphabet has 25 more letters! Stay cool!

This Quote helps me realize that no matter what, keep trying and most Importantly never give up at any point in life.


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