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Neysha Arcelay is the founder of Precixa, a Pittsburgh based boutique consulting firm that specializes in the transformation of organizational cultures.

Her vast cross-industry experience has given her a front-row seat to business strategies that work, making her a regarded contributor and featured speaker for several nationally recognized outlets.

Recognized by the Pittsburgh Business Times as a “Personality of Pittsburgh”, Neysha’s commitment to inclusion and empowerment makes her an active community leader. Whether through her book or volunteer work, she relentlessly works to elevate, empower, and transform organizations and their most precious assets: their people.

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Advisor & Coach

Let's partner, align your purpose with your transformational goals, and enable lasting success.

Inclusion Champion

It's time to create collaborative environments and strong partnerships. Let's break your team's silos and pre-assumed conceptions to enable long lasting impact.


"Neysha is a highly regarded executive with multidisciplinary experience ranging from engineering, operations and process improvement to supply chain, business services and strategy. Outside of her stellar experience, she is a profound human being that thrives on helping people and organizations become the best version of themselves."

"Neysha is a consummate professional who is proactive, result oriented, responsible and personable. She is always ready to put her energy, passion, and time to get the job done."

"It was a pleasure working with Neysha. I cannot wait to roll out the material and leave this lasting impression on the organization for years to come."

"Neysha and her team will enhance your success and move your business in a positive direction."

Best Selling Author

"Throughout my career, my presence in "the room" can be summarized between being either the only woman or one of the few women in the room. Because of this, I created the book I wish I had earlier in my career." ~ Neysha

After mentoring hundreds of professionals, and through her own vast cross-industry experience in the corporate world, Neysha encourages everyone to follow their purpose, stay curious, and steer away from complacency. In this guide full of real-life examples she walks the reader through a step by step self-improvement guide to determining career aspirations, creating a plan of action, and surrounding yourself with a strong support system.


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