(YAPOALD) ______Yet Another Presentation On Autonomous Lane Driving______ by Theo Cooper and ian Huang


A Theme of Our Project:

Working smart vs working hard

We worked really hard



Goals of our project:

Robust solution for detect colors in images

Detect the attributes of the road

Stay in the center of the lane

Auxiliary project: Video streaming

We'll get more into this later

This took a really long time...


But eventually we started working on our driving algorithm...

We'll start with the first two steps after taking a picture

After these steps we have two images, one with the white pixels and one with the yellow pixels

Once we have these images it is not very difficult to find the lines

We simply average the location of the pixels at the bottom each image to find the probable location of a line


After we know where the lane markers are and where we are, we can try to make a change

But how do we react to errors?

With PID control:

This is really complicated so we wont get too into it

Now, the real focus of the project: Video Streaming

Debugging code about images without seeing them is hard!

So we did the easy thing and programmed a video streaming server:

Our program can run on any computer and stream video to any other computer around the world

we'll end with a little demonstration

and we published our work so anyone can use it (like many in our studio)

Created By
theo cooper


Created with images by jodeng - "road highway travel" • JJ Ying - "untitled image" • JJ Ying - "untitled image" • JJ Ying - "untitled image" • JJ Ying - "untitled image"

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