UCSF School of Medicine: Partnerships Across Our Medical Education Community YEAR IN REVIEW 2016–2017

Catherine R. Lucey, MD

Dear Friends of Medical Education,

We are delighted to share our 2016-2017 Annual Report of UCSF Medical Education initiatives and achievements.

This year we recognize our critical partnerships with remarkable staff, students, School of Medicine leaders, and community organizations that have supported the work of UCSF faculty and medical education deans. Highly specialized, committed, and often ‘behind the scenes,’ these individuals and teams are truly the secret agents of change who catalyze our work. While they come from different walks of life and are situated in diverse roles within the organization, our contributing partners are united by their shared:

• Aspiration to transform medical education so that every patient receives care that is high quality, equitable, safe, and aligned with their priorities and needs;

• Desire to sustain and enhance the environment in which we teach, learn, discover, and care so that all within the environment thrive as they find joy and fulfillment in their work and education, and;

• Commitment to engage in creative problem solving and continuous quality improvement so that the work we do for and with each other is of the highest caliber.

While previous annual reports have highlighted the creative energies, talents, and superb learner-centered approach of our remarkable faculty, this report showcases those professionals and members of our community who provide design, administrative, technologic, financial, and relationship-building support to our faculty as they work to build outstanding education programs.

Our accomplishments in the new Bridges Curriculum will be viewed through the lens of the people who make this work possible. Through the stories and profiles in this year’s medical education year in review, you will learn how:

• Support staff contribute to curricular design and lead curricular implementation;

• Students and student organizations partner with staff and faculty to identify and address curricular challenges;

• Technology experts work with students to design tools that support independent learning, and with faculty to make their work easier;

• School of Medicine finance professionals and Department Chairs develop and implement funding models to help faculty lead major programs and work intensively with students;

• School of Medicine diversity leaders collaborate with educators to redesign courses, clerkships, and learning environments in alignment with best principles of equity and inclusion;

• Community engagement staff partner with outside organizations to create sustainable and respectful service-learning experiences that educate our students and serve our communities, and;

• Health systems executives support workplace learning and create welcoming environments for learners throughout their medical education experience.

Achieving educational excellence requires deliberate attention to developing and nurturing these partnerships. Our staff are superb because we recruit outstanding people, invest in their professional development, provide them with opportunities to lead as well as support, and treat them as true partners in important work.

Our relationships with School of Medicine leaders, Department Chairs and health systems executives are cultivated through a shared purpose and an acknowledgement that high-quality medical education relies on the talented faculty they have recruited, the quality of health care delivery systems they have designed, and the financial resources they have provided. Our community engagement work is built on a foundational belief that service learning must be engineered by experienced professionals who invest the time and effort required to understand the needs of our communities for sustained partnerships with the university.

We are grateful for the community of UCSF and hope that this report illuminates the contributions of all who work to make this an outstanding institution. We welcome your thoughts.


Catherine R. Lucey, MD

Executive Vice Dean for the School of Medicine

Vice Dean for Medical Education

The Faustino and Martha Molina Bernadett Presidential Chair in Medical Education

Professor of Medicine

Kevin H. Souza, MS

A Commitment to Quality Strengthens our Partnerships with Faculty

As Associate Dean for Medical Education, it is my honor and responsibility to support the career growth of our talented, dedicated staff. Innovative, high-quality education requires an engaged, energized staff who are passionate about continual learning and consistently improving the initiatives and programs that support our faculty and students. In addition, we have a long-standing tradition of recruiting staff members who have formal training and experience in educational pedagogy so they can activity engage as experts in the education mission.

Collectively, the work we do in medical education directly impacts our learners, but also an extended network of departmental and interprofessional staff and faculty, at UCSF and affiliate health systems. It is the quality of our work and our continued commitment to career development that have the greatest impact on ourselves and others. The results of the 2017 Gallup Engagement Survey reflected our commitment to quality work—something we can be extremely proud of and which set an important expectation for our partnerships with faculty.

In 2017, we continued to demonstrate a high level of staff engagement with the mission of our university. An engaged employee is involved in, and enthusiastic about, their work. The survey provides an opportunity for medical education staff members to reflect on their place in the organization and to contribute to the continuous improvement of our programs, in partnership with faculty, to transform medical education.

We promote opportunities for staff to attend and present at medical education meetings, identify and advance their personal career goals, and engage in programs that foster their career growth. Under the leadership of Allison Savage, Manager, Special Projects and Staff Engagement, we host an internal learning and development program that draws on the talent of our medical education staff to develop and lead peer-learning opportunities, such as an Introduction to Unconscious Bias, Medical Education 101, and a hands-on tour of the Kanbar Center for Simulation.

Our collective efforts to support the growth and development of medical education staff ultimately results in high-quality educational programs that are shaping our medical students and residents into 21st Century physicians who deliver compassionate patient care, and continuously improve our healthcare delivery systems.

Our engagement with and enthusiasm for our work in medical education is translating into the continual improvement of our programs, the creation of innovative ways to solve problems, and the strengthening of partnerships with faculty. We continuously strive to exemplify the UCSF PRIDE values of Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Diversity and Excellence. This year’s Gallup survey results are cause to celebrate and share these values, recognizing staff for their commitment to quality and their bright, bold ideas that advance our mission. I am proud to support and encourage this tremendous team in their efforts.


Kevin H. Souza, MS

Associate Dean for Medical Education



Assessment, Curriculum, and Evaluation team helps shape and enhance the Bridges Curriculum

School of Medicine partners help advance our medical education mission

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