Harn Museum Mone't Huskey

The Harn Museum is a wonderful place to actually come face to face with art from all over the world to experience some type of connection. Everyone has different interpretations/ perspectives, so when it comes to art you truly get to be introduced to these different pieces and truly be enlightened to what you experience. My trip to the Harn Museum of Art made me develop a deeper understanding and perspective for art all together. The experience was kind of life changing/ awakening.

Medium of Art/ Technique of the Artist

The picture on the left is of me standing next to a bronze with brown patina sculpture made by Agustín Cárdenas. This sculpture was very unique to me and made me think about 'Family' specifically. The sculpture really gave me mixed emotions because it made me feel depressed that I am so far away from my family in college, but it also made me extremely happy to think about all the good times I did/do share with family still. What struck me about this medium of work/the technique the artist used was how he presented something to represent a family, but didn't use faces or captions to pin point it out. The picture on the right is of a painting put together with oil on linen by Yvonne Jacquette. This painting caught my attention because it's such a beautiful detailed picture of a city. I connected with it because I'm from a big city myself. This painting gave me a sense of peace to be able to see buildings and lights as if it were back home. I also loved how the painter's first name is my granny's first name and the painter's last name is also my mother's first name, just with an 'e' at the end instead of an 'a'. Both of these pieces in the museum helped me understand and appreciate art more than I ever had. Seeing them in person to experience everything that came over me when encountering them was just phenomenal. I don't think I would have had the same experience with seeing them in a newspaper, on t.v., or somewhere on social media.

Design of the Museum

These are both pictures of the David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing. This Wing showcased collections of Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Korean, and South and Southeast Asian Art. This Wing of the Museum was my absolute favorite because it was appealing to the eye. The Wing is fairly large and open. It was very organized and breathe taking. I loved the spotlights on the art work to give them more attention. The arrangement of the art work was also a key factor in why I loved this Wing of the Museum. There were different areas for certain collections and it really made a difference. The Wing of the Museum made me feel even more intrigued of the different cultures the were represented within it.

Art and Core Values

On the left is a picture of me and the photograph taken by Carrie Mae Weems. On the right is a close up of the photograph. This photograph made me think of my mother. When I see this photo, I see a mother and daughter having a moment. I started to have bittersweet emotions because my mom is like my best friend and I'm so far away from home that I can't share little moments like the one shown in the photograph with her due to me not being there physically. This made me think of my core value to love and make connections with those I truly want in my life. This photograph made me understand/ believe even more that I need to appreciate the littlest moments I share with loved ones.
This is a picture of me with Ruth Bernhard's Platinum photograph. This photograph was completely beautiful to me. It could have been interpreted to represent a lot of core values, but the ones I received from it were self-love, respect, and possession. These are all core values I believe I should have within myself, thats why this picture was very appealing as well. This photograph made me understand/cherish on a deeper level that I need to love myself, be able to respect my mind,body, and soul, and I should also show that I am the only one that has possession of my body.

Art and the Good Life

The picture on the left is of me with George Wesley Bellows's Oil on canvas. This picture illustrates the Good Life theme of achievement. It communicates the theme of achievement to me because it's a picture of a beautiful, isolated house on a big acre of land. If I could define the Good Life for me, this would be exactly it. This picture actually had me daydreaming of seeing myself somewhere like that later on in my life and consumed with happiness. The picture on the right is of me with Charles W. Bartlett's Color Woodcut. This picture illustrates the Good Life themes of love and happiness. The picture is of a family and whenever I think of my family I think of love and happiness. If that were all that I had in life, I would be completely content with it.

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