Meet Chandler Murray A.K.A 'DLER

A Little About the Artist

Chandler may seem like your average artist, but he is much, much more than that. Born April 12, 1995, Chandler isn't like most artists these days, who only stick to one single genre. 'DLER has a wide variety of music, in which he experiments with day in and day out. Whether it's Hip-Hop, Rock and Roll, even Reggae, anything and everything, Chandler Murray loves it all!

Why do it?

"I do it for the passion of music. Whenever I write a song, I let my emotions run freely hoping in doing so, someone else relates to the lyrics I created. I do it to help other people (not just myself) get out of a struggle they're going through, through their lives. I always try my best (even if it's sad song) to put a positive twist in my lyrics... I do it to inspire my listeners the way music inspired me throughout the years."

A Strange Type of Freedom is 'DLER's latest project coming out this winter in 2017.
Here is the tracklist for A Strange Type of Freedom.
Cover art for 'DLER's single Good Enough on A Strange Type of Freedom. Designed by him.
Cover art for 'DLER's single Want it All also on A Strange Type of Freedom. Designed by him.


Photos by Tyler Wilson
Created By
Chandler Murray

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