Newsletter In this newsletter There are some more links to activities for young people to get involved in, as well as information linked to Children's Mental health & wellbeing.

One of the members of Stockport Youth Council is Libby. She is one of two Members of the U.K. Youth Parliament elected by young people in Stockport.

Libby has developed an Instagram political education campaign called youthful_4_politics. Please help to promote this campaign within your schools and colleges and families.

We are always looking for new members of Stockport Youth Council. You do not have to be elected.

The young people are currently putting together campaigns on the environment and on mental health.

Stockport Council also has a group called the Children in Care Council. If you are a young person who is looked-after, then this is a group you can get involved with. The contact details are the same as for the youth council.

This competition is open to young people who are in care.

Two members of the youth council represent Stockport Council on the GMYCA, which is a group of young people who advice the Mayor of Greater Manchester. The group meets on the second Thursday of each month

The Youth Workers who run the GMYCA are also supporting the Coop Youth Advisory Group, which is open to 16-19 year olds from Greater Manchester.

Here is another opportunity for young people living in Greater Manchester.

There is a new website that has been set up to encourage young people to get outside to improve their wellbeing.

Manchester Library run a book club for young people. The email address to join is in the image below.

Local book shops struggle to compete with the giant internet companies like Amazon.

Science and Industry Museum

Manchester Science Festival took place in February, but you can still access some of the talks and activities.

If you are interested in wildlife, then 'The Self-Isolating Bird Club' is worth a look. Sunday on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter at 6:00pm.

Finally....the members of the youth council produced some images about mental health during the lock-down.



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