The beginning of agriculture was about 10,000 years. They Lived in groups of 25 to 70 people.The men did hunting for there people.The woman gathered the crops and fruits.This time began the beginnings of the far. This also began food producing and gathering. The cause was probably because of climate .This is called the Neolithic Revolution.

The 2nd revolution was called the Industrial revolution.It began in the 1700s and it completely changed the way of the world. The change of farming was because of the machinery it helped humans easier. Farmers did not to use there hands anymore since they had the machines.

The third revolution is called the Green revolution.This revolution happened in the late 1960s.The Green Revolution has changed the landscape. It has made new varieties of wheat and crops and has Gmos in the product.

Genetically modified organism shortened for Gmo. They change farming because they make new varieties of crops and food. The Pros and Cons of GMO. Pros, Easier to Grow and Sweeter and better taste.Cons , Allergies and unknown fungus or bacteria.

The Difference between Subsistence,Sustainable and Commercial Farming.Subsistence is self crop that you do by yourself.Sustainable is production of farming to make it to protect the environment.Commercial Farming is to profit of the product and to make sure to sell it most have gmos in it.

Fun Facts Agriculture began 10,000 B.C . In 1900 38% of workers were employed now only 2% are working. 90% of milk in the US is used for ice cream. Nearly 90% of the World's food calories come from Corn.

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