guatemala by brooklyn humphreys

political maps

climate map

population map

physical geography

the main LANGUAGE in guatemala is spanish

there is a PRESIDENT in guatemala because of the REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY

the GUATEMALAN culture is strongly in INFLUENCEd by spanish and mayan cultures

the name guatemala means land of forests

many traditional GUATEMALAN food are based of mayan foods USUALLY containing corn CHILIES and beans

GUATEMALANS are know for there prucurion bands featurinG the national INTERMENT the marimba

guatemalans are USUALLY WEARING bright colored clothes inspired by mayan culture

Catholicism was the official REALIGN but now about 40% of guatemalans are Protestant



new year, Easter, holy week, labor day, army day, independence day, revolution day, all saints day, Christmas eve, Christmas day, new years eve.

houses schools and school uniforms
  • Pedro De Alvarado defeates Mayans and turns Guatemala to a Spanish colony
  • 1821 Guatemala becomes independent 1822 Guatemala joins mexican empire
  • 1839 Guatemala becomes fully independent
  • 1941 Guatemala declares war on axis powers
  • 1970 the military start trying to eliminate left wingers 50,000 people died
  • 1976 27,000 where killed and more than a million homeless because of a earthquake
  • 1981 11,000 people are killed by soldiers when more people in Guatemala dont like the government
  • 2005 hundreds of people are killed when tropical storm stan came through creating landslides and floods
  • 2007 guatemala makes new laws so no baby can be bought or sold
  • 2010 the pacaya volcano erupts

Mariano Rivera Paz is the first and third president of guatemala

José Venancio López Requena is the secend president of guatemala

Rafael Carrera is the fourth fifth and sixth president of guatemala

Vicente Cerna Sandoval is the 7th president of Guatemala

Miguel García Granados is the 8th president of Guatemala

Justo Rufino Barrios is the 8th president of Guatemala

Juan Federico Ponce Vaides is the 17th president of Guatemala

Ramiro de León Carpio is the 32nd president of Guatemala

Jimmy Morales is the 39th president and current president of Guatemala

why is the slag like that

the flag is blue with a wight strip inside the strip is a paper with writing on it a bird is sitting on top of the paper theres also sords and guns but why

the blue around the white is because Guatemala is in the middle of two oceans the white is for peace the paper and bird is the coat of arms

why is that the coat of arms because the bird is a Guatemalan sign of librity

the end

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