ABC's of Africa By : Angelica salazar

A for Africa...the second largest continent in the world and is located South of Europe, Africa was colonized by six countries

B for Berber...enithic group indigenous to Northwest, Africa

C for Cape of good hope...located on the southern part of Africa

D for Deserts... there are about three deserts in Africa, one of them is as big as the United States

E for Ethiopian Heights... located on eastern part of Africa,

F for France... one of the six countries that colonized Africa

G for Ghana...

H for HIV... About ore than one million adults and children die every year because of HIV

I for Italy... Italy was one of the six countries that also colonized Africa.

J for Jade...Jade is a type of African jewelry.

K for Kalahari desert...found towards South in Africa, right next to this desert another desert is found

L for Lavender... farmers went picking lavender outside of South Afrocav

M for Mali Empire...One of the largest epires in west Africa

N for Namib desert... located south of Africa

O for Oil...there is many oil produced in Africa

P for Portugal... also one of the six countries that colonized Africa

Q for Quran... it is the sacred scripture in Islam

R for Rwanda Genocide...

S for Sahara..."Sahara" in Arabic means desert, it covers most of Africa

T for Taganyika (lake)

U for Udu... In the igbo language it means a "vessel", it is played by a igbo women at ceremonies

V for Victoria (lake)...

W for White Nile (river)...

X for Xenophobia... fear of imigrants

Y for Yoka tribe...

Z for Zulu

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