Stock Market Project Valentina

A stock market, equity market or share market is the aggregation of buyers and sellers of stocks. When you buy a stock from some company you’re buying a piece of that company. You buy or sell stocks through stock exchange. When buy stocks they go to your virtual stock account where they stay, and if the company gets more rich, the value of the stocks you bought increases. But if the company doesn’t do well the value of your stocks decreases. If you buy your stocks with a certain amount of money and then the company is very successful you can sell your stocks with bigger value than what you bought them in.

The stock markets I invested in first were Nike, Apple and Coca Cola. I decided to invest in Nike because I feel like the company has been very successful and has made a lot of products that have sold well. Also Nike is one of my favorite brands. I invested in Apple because if you look at how the company was doing 10 years ago and you compare it to how it is doing now, the difference is dramatic. Finally, I decided to invest in Coca Cola because I think it is a successful company and I think I could make money from it instead of wasting it on something unsuccessful.

The company that is doing the best in my portfolio is Coca-Cola. The one that’s doing the worst in my portfolio is Apple. Apple isn’t doing well because people are switching over to other phone brands. Coca-cola is doing better because it is involved in a lot of other things than just the soda. Some changes that I’ve made to my stocks are for example, I sold some stocks from companies that weren’t doing well and I bought more of the ones that were. I would like to buy more stocks from new companies as I only have two at the moment.

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