Utopia / Dystopia By: Ky'ara James

Politics - One good thing about the politics is the Collapse of the Corporate Duopoly. Both major US parties have for decades been progressively overcome by corporate money and direct political control, to the point where a false political "center" has been created that is no longer aligned with either party base. One bad thing about the politics is the presidents lying about what they will do. They always say "Hey, we will raise the minimum wage! ", but in reality, they will get themselves more pay.

Economics - One good thing about economics is we are essentially at full employment, with an overall unemployment rate of 4.9% and 2.5% among college graduates. Tight labor markets are leading to increases in hourly earnings and in the producer prices of services. Total payroll employment is up more than 600,000 in the past three months, and the ratio of employment to population, which has been at very low rates for several years, is inching up. One bad thing about economics is as anyone thought through the implications of the Euro area banks becoming totally reliant on funding from the central bank? All this back-door effort to support government bond markets via private financial institutions may make the bank balance sheets completely toxic.

Religion - One good thing about religion is it was good during initial phase of civilisation was to impose social rules on misbehaving members of the society!. One bad thing about religion is now there is nothing good for the people but a very potent tool in hands of the ruling class to befool the mass, divide them, and blunt their power to resist exploitation!

Social Structure: One good thing about social structure is many studies show that people who are part of social networks are less likely to be negatively affected by stressful life events and are less likely to become ill.. One bad thing about social structure is support system may mitigate physiological stress. Presence of others reduces anxiety. By social comparison, we avoid exaggerating physical problems, which could cause them to become even worse.

Arts/Entertainment - One good thing about arts/entertainment is we live in an entertainment culture. The most obvious indication of that is that much of what people care about is entertainment: Lady Gaga, the NBA, American Idol, Charlie Sheen. One bad thing about arts/entertainment is an obvious question is whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, and usually I'm reluctant to try and answer that question. Sure, it's easy to make fun of fans and celebrities and Americans riveted to their televisions watching obese people exercising and getting weighed, but who says people have to engage in serious activities all the time?

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