Essential Rules of Basic Photography

Simplicity - Declutter the background, zoom in tight to eliminate background "distractions", or change your angle so your subject remains the focus of the image.

The Direction of attention is the yellow flower and i made it so you don't have to hunt for the subject, and i made it so it stands out. The background is also really blurred out so it doesn't draw attention away from the flower. The really isn't any areas where it is over or underexposed. i think this happened because the lighting was facing toward the flower and got the highlight and shadow areas detailed. The main subject is in focus and it is mainly a sharp focus, but some area of the flower are blurred. The Depth of field is shallow and it is appropriate for this situation because i wanted the flower to only be in focus because of simplicity. the lighting is soft , but some areas of the flower are harsh because of the shadows. In the image i did use color sound and it helps the picture because if it was black and white, you wouldn't be able to see the details in the flower. The composition of the photo is set in the Rule of thirds and If i had the chance to change it, i wouldn't because it works good with the subject.

Rule of thirds- Frame your image with the subject off center it's more pleasing to the eye and more natural than placing the subject in the center.

The direction of attention is towards Jose and i did this by using a simple background and focusing on his face rather than the background. The exposure isn't over or under exposed and everything seems to be in focus the way I wanted it to be. The depth of field is shallow deep, but I think if I had made it shallow it would've came out better because it would make the background more blurred. The lighting in this photo is soft and it enhanced the picture and i did use color sound because it makes everything stand out more. The composition for this picture is Rule of thirds and i think it works perfect for this type of subject.

spacing - create a sense of movement by adding active space (the area your subject is facing) and eliminating dead space(the area behind your subject.

The direction of attention is the mainly the whole picture because the tree is taking up most of the space. I think the photo is a little underexposed because some of the shadows are too dark. The Subject is all in focus and it isn't hard to find the main object. The depth of field is deep because most of the photo is in focus. The picture has a harsh lighting because of the shadows in the photo, but in my opinion i think it enhances the picture. I did use color sound and i like it better like that because it makes everything stand out.The composition of the photo is centered and i think it wouldn't work that well in the rule of thirds because of the subject used in this picture.

Leading lines - Use architectural lines - walls, fences,roads,or any lines to lead the eye through the photograph and draw attention toward the main subject.

The direct attention is the middle portion of the photo and it's not hard to find the subject because it's the whole photo.The exposure is perfect to me in this photo, but i think i could've had more of the photo in focus to improve it. The photo is soft lighting because you don't see any dark shadows. I did use color sound in this photo but i think it wouldn't look so bad if it was in black and white.The composition in this picture is centered and this works the best for this image because i wanted to have only one subject in there.

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