Future forces By Jack Taylor

This is a photo of a magnetic field which is the area where the force of the magnet is exerted. The word magnet comes from the word Magnetite which was a rock that possessed magnetic qualities . Magnetic qualities are when a metal comes into the magnetic field if it's atomic orientation is that of that of the magnet the magnet will repell it. However If the orientation of the metal's atoms is mixed the magnet will change the orientation to that of the opposite pole of it so that it will attract it.

My invention would be a car but with bumpers all the way around it that are all of the same orientation let's say North. When another car with the same safety feature is to hit the first car the magnets of there bumpers will push them away from each other keeping them from crashing. This technology could be used for other modes of transport such as trains. Along the side of the tracks would be magnetic strips all oriented North and the train would have North oriented magnetic bumpers so if the train were to de rail the magnets would not fully stop the train from impact but soften the impact by a lot. This technology might be able to save a lot of lives all because of Future Forces.

Is this technology in use currently

This technology is not in use from my research but I have found that I am not the only to have this idea many people are developing it In fact NASA has had this idea and I have a link in the sources below to that. But the reason I think they have not used this technology is because it is absolutely useless if the the other vehicle or ground doesn't have a magnet or has a magnet of different orientation


Ms. Tong's explanation of magnetic fields and of magnetism http://www.physicsforums.com/threads/magnets-or-emf-in-car-bumpers-to-protect-from-fender-bender.609035/. https://ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/casi.ntrs.nasa.gov/19960047997.pdf

Thank you for listening to this and in 30 years when I am a billionaire because of this idea you guys can get a discount on it


Jack Taylor


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