A Shelter for Homeless Veterans Taking care of those who have taken care of us.

Homelessness among veterans causes them to suffer under hard conditions as well as dwell with mental struggles.

Homelessness can lead to veterans turning to drugs, alcohol, and becoming involved in desperate crimes to help themselves cope with their situation.

Veterans often face trauma from war that homelessness only amplifies.

This shelter will help getting homeless veterans off the streets and allowing them to recover in a helpful environment.

If the people back home do not take care of them, who will?

It is our job to lend a hand to those who have given themselves to protect us, our freedoms, and our home.

Created By
Ethan Gilbert


Created with images by jronaldlee - "Vet" • Leroy_Skalstad - "people homeless male" • manhhai - "LIFE Magazine February 11, 1966 (1) - THE WAR GOES ON" • manhhai - "US military casualties at Hue during the VC Tet offensive - Jan-Feb 1968" • The U.S. Army - "Korean War" • Jay Adan - "Veteran" • Tyler J. Bolken - "Marines honor Civil War veterans, place flags at graves - Fleet Week New York 2012"

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