Agriculture Project Ryan Skoog

What was the first agriculture revolution?

  • Neolithic revolution
  • 10,000 BC and 2000 BC
  • Drop some seeds on accident
  • Helped them stay in one place and give other food
The first crops harvested

What was the second agriculture revolution?

  • Was during the 1700s-1900s
  • Occured during the industry revolution
  • The second agriculture revolution was based on better farming technology
Old farming equipment

What was the third revolution?

  • Late 1900s in the United States
  • Made high technology tractors and other equipment
Modern day farming equipment

What is Genetically modified organisms (GMO)?

  • Plants, Animals that have been modified to fit others needs.

Made seeds better, but also made them less healthy.

  • Subsistance farming is growing enough food for yourself and family.
  • Sustainable farming is farming plants, animals that don´t affect the envirement.
  • Commercial farming is growing an abundance of a type of animal, or plant to feed many thousands of people.
GMO pictures

4 fun facts on farming

  • More than 8 billion broilers (Meat Chockens) are produced in the United States annually, yielding approximately 3 billion pounds of waste chicken feathers.
  • 50 billion chickens
  • 915 million acres of farmland in the U.S. The average size of U.S. farms is 434 acres.
  • There are around 9 million dairy cows in the U.S. There are 1,279,000 dairy cows in wisconsin.


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