Gun Rights why anti-gun supporters are wrong

Why The Anti-Gun Liberals Have It All Wrong

We want to help America see through their ignorance by informing a percentage of people why criminals do not follow the law and why it would be a terrible idea to make guns illegal. Also people who think that changing or abolishing the second amendment probably do not understand that a very high percentage of gun crimes the criminal got the gun illegally or from someone else. So pretty much that means taking away or abolishing the second amendment will do more harm than good.

The game is the adventure of an anti gun American who is informed by past present and future pro gun Americans about the great things that the second amendment does to crime.

This game is about a race between a squirrel and a street cleaner racing under water to answer the age old question, animal or machine? its up to you.

This game is about how basketballs come falling from the sky and you need to catch them with your bowl. In order to score points in this game you need to have the bowl touch one of the basketballs. To play you need to use the left arrow to move left and the right arrow to move right.

This is about a man/bear who goes to buy a gun illegally and it shows that taking away the second Amendment is not a good idea because do criminals follow laws, no they don't.

My coding project is about a cat who tells you what you need to know about the second amendment, he tells you some facts and why the second amendment needs to stay.

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