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Production Companies

Production companies provide fundings through earnings and studio investors/private investors.

If a company has done or been involved with a big budget productions in the past, they are considered to be major production companies.

Since our piece has niche appeal, we are concentrating on and looking for independent companies who will take on our film and make it a success.


Our production logo

Our production company is called "Flipped productions". We wanted to differentiate ourselves from other production companies through our ideas and our logo.

The 'flipped" F, expresses what we do and how we elaborate and improve ideas differently. We are concentrating on how other production companies can compliment us and help us achieve our goals.

Our production company

Our production company and Why?

We chose focus features to be our production company. Due to their success in films such as Brokeback mountain, Caroline and Kubo.

This company helps produce as well as distribute foreign and independent films. This is great for us as they have built themselves great reputation through the success and the types of movies they produce, as movies such as "Caroline" and "sinister" which provide the same creepy and unusual atmosphere like 'Voices" does.

This also gives us the option of choosing them as our distribution company too as Focus Features both specialise in the production and the distribution of a film. Choosing them allows the piece to be attractive to the global market through the success over the advertising and the fact they help produce and distribute foreign and independent movies.



Distribution companies specialise in getting the final product available to the consumers.

These companies find out what type of marketing that would suit the movie, how the film is going to be viewed, as well as setting a release date and other matters.

Our distribution company and why?

We chose 'transmission films' as they are a leading films distributer . Following their success from Lion, we feel this company will also produce the perfect marketing mix to make our psychological horror piece successful globally.

They are an Australian based company which was founded in 2008. They originally were partnered with paramount pictures, and have now become independent. This means they have the necessary experience to distribute our product to the market. They have worked with some of the most prestigious names in the independent and foreign market such as Pedro Almodóvar, David Lynch, Ken Loach and many more.

Three of their distributed films, The King’s Speech, Shame and Lion have won oscars. We also want our piece to prosper and triumph in our niche market bringing in lots of revenue to make a sequel or start another movie.

Although, they inject their movies into Australian and New Zealand market. They had success in foreign markets such as "made in America' which is an academy award winning film. We want to thrive as a debut movie and we believe this company will perfectly compliment us.

Overall, we thought transmission films was the best decision for us. Not only they are dedicated to distributing independent films with low budgets, we believe we can boost the momentum of success that transmission films has gained with our film complementing their arsenal with films such as Julieta and the last exorcism.

Exhibition of Voices

The Exhibition

We want our movie to be exhibited on sites such as Netflix, Amazon prime and other online streaming services. We came to this decision because there has been a fall in DVD sales due to the ageing demographics globally. We don't feel DVDs are attractive to our target audience, which are teenagers, as the modern way of consumption is online. Our distribution company 'transmission films' also allows this service and due to their rise in success, major advertisement will not be necessary.

We found that mainstream movies dominate the market which isn't beneficial for a low budget, niche film like 'Voices'. We came to a conclusion that online streaming is the most popular way of how films and movies are consumed. This makes it more convenient for the consumer as there aren't any geographical barriers, and millions of people globally on constantly consuming countless of independent and foreign moves on these sites.

To summarise, we feel online streaming is the best way for the public to consume our product, which satisfies our target audience, due to the prediction of a loss in revenue and profitability if we exhibit with DVD's.


How we can regulate the consumption

After some careful consideration to BBFC's guidelines. We believe, at most, our film would be rated a 15. Because some people can perceive our story as suicide. This falls into the 'dangerous topic' that the 15 rating has, this alerts us because we now know that a 12a isn't suitable which was our initial choice. Andrew's behaviour doesn't conform to the the 12a rating because they can be seen as overly sadistic due to the many times he slaps himself as well as looking hypertensive all the time. Therefore a 15 rating would be good because it doesn't agree to the boundaries of the 12a rating and it suits our target audience as we are aiming the piece to 15-24 year old males.

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