Billy and the Dragon

This is Billy

Billy lives in a peaceful little town where nothing exiting ever happens.

Billy wished that something exiting would happen in his village.

One day billy was walking to his friend's house he met an oddly shaped blue person that claimed he could make a wish come true.

Billy was very exited. He immediately asked,"I want somthing crazy and unexpected to happen.

The blue man laughed a little bit as said, "that can be done, tomorrow somthing amazing will happen".

Billy ran home and went to bed early, He was very exited for the next day.

The next morning Billy woke to a huge commotion.

A huge dragon was attacking the village.

Billy realized that he had caused this problem.

Billy Was very scared.

Billy heard all of the villagers running and screaming.

Billy knew that he had to do something and he had an idea.

Billy ran to the garage where he had been working on a project.
He hoped his mini nuke, launcher was ready to use.
Billy grabbed his launcher and loaded a mini nuke.

Then he fired at the dragon.

It was a direct hit.


Billy was very happy that his mini nuke had worked.


But billy was also sad because his town was now a nuclear wasteland that had to be evacuated immediately.

So Billy decided that he didn't like exiting and unexpected events, and he had liked his quiet little town. So Billy moved to a new town.

In this new town Billy was happy for the time being.

A few years later Billy was feeling especially bored, when he met the blue man again.

Billy is a very slow learner.

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