Caption Writing Presley Alaniz

In this photograph, Morgan Deering works on the spaghetti tower on March 13, 2017 in Mr. Walter's classroom for the caption writing project. Morgan's group works together, to complete the best tower, and have good photos. Morgan also went on to say that, "This is project is different than others we have done, because we photographed people actually doing things."
Kiara Patty and Kaley Abbott work on their group's spaghetti tower on Monday in Mr. Walter's Class to have photos and the tower as their subject in the photo. As Kiara and Kaley work on the project, Kiara removed a spaghetti noodle, and Kaley had to rearrange the tower once again. "Playing with the mellows and sticks," was what she said that she enjoyed doing. Kaley later stated "Protect our project."
As a group, Morgan Kiara, and Kaley work together to finish their tower in Mr. Walter's classroom on March 13th. The girls had to do their best to make a tower in 28 minutes. Overall, the girls enjoyed this project, and taking pictures.
In room 107, Kiara Patty, Morgan Deering, and Kaley Abbott, work together to build a spaghetti tower in 28 minutes on Monday March 13, 2017. After building the tower, Morgan and Kaley talked about the tower, and tried protecting theirs from other groups. Kiara played with the spaghetti noodles and marshmallows. "Protecting our tower" and "playing with the tower" was what this project enjoyable.

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