Their eyes were watching God Keyla Bolanos

Dura Neale Hurston's book Their Eyes Were Watching God is about the Janie's feeling of true love and reveals that love change at the end or never love that person. This theme is evident through the character of when she doesn't know what love means and the event when her mother decide to marry Janie.


  • Dreams
  • I put dreams because Jane always dream with found the true love and be together with a great man that love her, so that's why the theme is dreams.
  • "Jane saw her life a great tree in leaf with the things suffered, things enjoyed, things done and undone."( zona Neale hurtson 8)
  • " she was back and forth to the pear tree constinuosly wondering and thinking" (Hurston 20)
  • " she knew that god tore down the old world every evening and built a new one by sun- up" (Hurston 24)


  • Jane
  • Jane is a young girl that doesn't know too much about how life is. She is the girl that always think about love and found someone to married and live together forever.
  • "Her long hair cascading down her back, her head turned just slightly in his direction with a look on longing and expectancy" (Hurston viii)
  • "Ah was round six years old" (Hurston 8)
  • Tea cake
  • He is a young man that live without problems and like to have fun but also he knows how to be a mature man too and he believes in love
  • "He made an elaborate act of tipping to the door stealthily" (Hurston 93)
  • "If you wants tug be uh lil friendly and call me tea cake, dat would be real nice" (hurton94)


  • The hurricane
  • The hurricane represent what the people pass about this situation and how the city get distrusted
  • "The great body was held back, but rivers spouted through fissures in the rolling wall and broke like day" (Hurston 153)

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