Code of Ethics BY D'MAuria Martin



These are my ethics because as a little kid these are what my parents told me and stay with me.

Inspire myself

my ethics inspire me to be a bigger person and be humble kind at all times.


I will be respectful

I will be honest

I will be trustworthy

I will be open-minded

I will be straight to the point

I will be family-oriented


I believe to keep a friendly environment

Always am humble and kind


Why do I believe to be respectful because you are treated the way you treat others.

Why do I believe in honesty because a lie is never a good lie. Unless in certain situations.

Why I believe to be trustworthy because I would not want somebody to lie to me.

Why I believe to be open-minded because you should always think about whatever you want. But always try to think from both perspectives situations.

Why I believe to be straight to the point because you should never sugar coat anything. You have the right to speak your mind.

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