5 Ways to Grow Your Live Video Audience make sure your live content gets the most out of its life...

In case you haven’t noticed, live video is proving to be a game-changer. Why? Viewers are loving the inherent spontaneity involved, for one thing. Anything can happen, and they like that, almost as much as they like authenticity, which is another major part of the allure of live video.

Things feel more real, more genuine, when they’re happening live as opposed to being scripted, staged, and finally presented to the viewer. But now, just doing it isn’t enough, and there’s simply too much to lose when things are live to just jump right into it.

So, we thought we’d pass on a few tricks of the trade we’ve picked up along the way in our time in video production in New York and New Jersey to ensure that you’re prepared and that your live content is getting all it can out of its life.

1. Use video teasers to help build some buzz early and often.

No, your videos won’t simply disappear once that initial live experience is complete, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to get as much of an actual live audience as possible. Because if you don’t, then why not just make any old video? Why go live in the first place?

So, you need to start promoting your upcoming live video event as early on in the process as possible, as soon as the date and time are set in stone really. That way, people will, at the very least, be aware of the upcoming live video, and where and when to find it.

Now, how you go about promoting your the live event depends on what your overall video objectives are and the specific kinds of viewers with which you’re trying to connect. As always, you need to know where they spend their time and how they’d most likely prefer to hear the news.

But if you’re trying to get them to check out your live video, then it’s probably safe to say that they like videos, so why not create some type of teaser? It doesn’t have to be anything too elaborate. Just include the basic details and some info on what the live event’s going to be about.

You can even create a series of short teasers to start unraveling bits of information slowly well ahead of the live kickoff, and the best part is that video teasers are also a highly shareable form of content.

2. Give viewers a reason to watch, right up until the end.

Now, depending on what you do and who you’re trying to reach, you may be lucky enough to have viewers eagerly standing by, awaiting the start of your upcoming live video event. And if that’s the case for you, then congratulations.

But for most videomakers, marketers, brands, etc., chances are that they’ll be plenty of convincing necessary if you want to get a substantial amount of people to tune in once you go live. The key is to not take it personally. Remember, people have their own lives to live.

You just need to do everything in your power to compel people to watch. Yes, that starts with properly promoting your live event well in advance, but it doesn’t stop there. Even if you’ve gotten them as far as the right destination at the right time, that still doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll stick around.

That’s why the thumbnail you choose is so important. Whether it’s intriguing, informative, hilarious, or just catches the eye, you can’t underestimate the power of the thumbnail when it comes to getting people to tune in.

You may also want to consider giving some type of incentive to viewers for watching. Whether it’s a free downloadable piece of relevant, in-depth content or a deal or discount, take it from us as longtime NY / NJ video production pros, that may be all potential viewers need to become, you know, actual viewers.

3. Partner up with the right people.

If you’re new to creating live video, or any kind of video content for that matter, then it’s obviously going to be a steeper hill to climb in terms of gaining any type of significant viewership.

So, rather than just doing it the old-fashioned way and building up your audience slowly and methodically, you can always try partnering up with some type of influencer in your industry, whether it’s an individual, another company, etc.

Just remember that anyone you’re considering partnering up needs to be more than just in your industry and influential. Yes, that’s necessary to ensure that both of your audiences will be interested in your video, but you should also share similar values and beliefs.

You need to make sure their style and voice aligns with that of you and/or your own brand, but if you do find that it is a good fit, then the bottom line is that it’s a great way to introduce your live content to new troves of potentially interested viewers.

4. Make promises that your live videos can deliver.

We talked about incentives above, and in a day and age in which there’s so many options in terms of video content, you need to think more creatively than ever when it comes to what those incentives can be.

One incentive tactic that always seems to be pretty effective, though, is vowing to reveal something big. Whether it’s some secret, exclusive bit of highly useful or interesting information or some type of giveaway, people love being the only ones eligible to receive it.

The thing is, when taking this approach, you need to be able to deliver on your promise, first and foremost. Don’t make a promise you can’t keep, because viewers will never forgive you for it, and that doesn’t just mean to do what you said you were going to do.

That means that if you even implied that whatever it is you’re going to reveal will present real, relevant value to viewers, then you need to follow through. The payoff must be satisfactory, because if things go well, then this won’t be the only live video event you’ll want them tuning into.

Are you really ready?

From there, just remember that while viewers love that anything can happen in a live video, that’s also why you need to make sure you’re fully prepared for the process. You want to be authentic, yes, but you also want to be ready.

Check out this post for some basic tips, Live-Streaming Video Production and All the Possibilities It Presents, but the bottom line is that live video has too much to offer anyone trying to use video to connect with people to not give it a shot.

It’s just that, like with anything thing else, there are right ways, wrong ways, and tricks of the trade. We hope these ones help.

About Us: KVibe Productions, a New York/New Jersey full-service film & video production company, can handle every aspect of the production process. Whether it’s a commercial, corporate video, or a feature film, etc., at KVibe, we always create to inspire.

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