Column of Trajan hayden and Robby

The Column of Trajan was dedicated in May of 113 C.E. Emperor Trajan had ordered for it to be built. He believed that the best way for future Romans to recognize his glory was to build two memorials for himself. He built an arch at Beneventum, and this column in Rome. His story of glory comes with many campaigns against the Dacians, who lived in present day Romania and Hungary.

Trajan’s victory was a substantial one; he declared over 100 days of official celebrations while the Romans exploited Dacia’s natural wealth. In the meantime, Rome could incorporate Dacia as an imperial province. After the first Dacian war Trajan earned the honorary title “Dacicus Maximus” (greatest Dacian). It was after this when Trajan was rewarded, or rather, rewarded himself, with the column.

Trajanus fabros Imperavit ut columnam aedificavisset.
Interestingly, the column reads like an ancient comic strip. It still stands today

Columna fabros aedificata est, a Trajano imperatos.


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