ALFRED Taking Future Closer

We believe in progress, we strive for wellness. And we know energy is the keyword. That's why we develop Lead-cooled Fast Reactors: to secure clean, safe and affordable energy to everyone.

Evolution is for improvements. But revolutions require innovation! This is what we talk about: a new generation of nuclear reactors, a tremendous change of nuclear paradigms.

To make this dream come true, we launched the ALFRED project. ALFRED, as the first lead-cooled fast reactor ever, will demonstrate the potential of this innovative concept.

The innovative use of lead as coolant eliminates the risk of severe core damages: whatever might ever be, evacuation will never be required, and no contamination will occur.

A quiet neighbor, friendly protecting while serving people

Lead makes neutrons capable of extracting energy from waste, indefinitely extending the availability of resources while avoiding the burden for "geologic" management of the waste.

A philosopher's stone transmuting waste into sustainable energy

Less problems to be faced, and resources to be used, eliminate the need for complexity. And simple designs and operation procedures, make energy cheap!

A needed breakout for a social revolution

Once realized, ALFRED will continue serving the development of lead-cooled fast reactors as an experimental platform for continuous research towards further innovation.

Share our vision: join our community and contribute to materialize this dream!

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