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I have some questions about how we are supposed to mimic an artist of our choice, but then cut it out as an accordion book. For example, are we going to be able to see the picture when it is folded and cut? Also, how are we cutting out pieces?

Last class I narrowed down my designs and we decided to go with a big music note, with little music notes all around, in the style of Britto. Britto style includes some abstract lines and fun patterns and designs within the lines. My question is about the product when folded and cut was answered last class, with Ms. McCall saying the larger and most obvious shape/picture in our designs will not be seen, so we have to have smaller music notes for example. I am still thinking about my other designs, like what should I do if I keep the theme? I already did some music notes and the treble/bass clef so I can't do anymore of those. Maybe I can do some sort of instrument, like a guitar or trumpet, but I don't know for sure yet. I still have some questions again, about how we are cutting out and designing our accordion books.

Last class I continued to develop my ideas and sketches. I have two sketches right now, one with a big music note, and another with a big bass clef. Both of these designs have smaller music notes, rests and some sort of music symbol within the drawing to make sure the design is obvious when we cut and fold our final pieces. Again, I still don't know what to do for my third design, because Ms. McCall said that I should keep the theme, so I am going to continue with music. Maybe I will do a time, like 2/4. 2/4 is a rhythm, usually at the beginning of a sequence of notes.

I did well last class because I decided that I would use my big music note for my cover, and incorporate smaller music notes so the design isn't lost by my folding and cutting. I am a lot more confident than I was last class, but I still need to know how we are suppose to cut up the drawings.

Last class I was just finishing my coloring of my big note. I found that the color pencils were really nice and that they were really popping with the black sharpie. I thought that my piece was distinguishable as a piece influenced by Britto. I really like how I used the dark and light colors and made some parts of the piece POP. Next class all I have to do is paste the two sections onto the cardboard to create my covers

So I went over the outline of the lines with sharpie to finish the piece and make it Britto. I also took my drawing and cut it in half, and took a piece of cardboard and cut that in half. I finished up by measuring my cardboard to fit my paper, with enough around the edges, so I could fold my design over, and stick it. I think that the cover looks nice, even though it looks weird with the other piece because I had to fold the paper so a section is cut off, but you aren't going to see that it is cut off so its all good. I really like my cover and I am proud of what I have completed.

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Hannah Bonczek


Created with images by dbking - "Artist Romero Britto"

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