Revolutions in Technology Adamari Serrato

Past: The Industrial Revolution


It started because of the need people had to do things better and quicker.
There was high demand for a lot of merchandise.
Britain had funding to invest in new businesses and technology.
Technological Developments
The steam engine was created in 1775 by James Watt. It helped aid transportation.
The Spinnin' Jenny. Invented in 1764 by James Hargreaves. Used to spin and weave cotton at a much faster rate.
The sewing machine. Invented in 1844 by Elias Howe.
Present: The Digital Revolution
Arguments for the cause of the digital revolution include: The birth of the internet in 1969, The year Apple launched their iPad or Motorola's first mobile phone in 1973.
Technological Advancements:
Advancements include: Social Media, Cheap mobile phones, broadband access and telecom liberalization.
Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master. -Christian Lous Lange

Pros: Worlwide Communication, We are able to conduct more research and students are able to get help when their teachers aren't there.

Cons: The internet is being taken for granted, Some communication is entirely online now, Sometimes we are made to reexamine friendships.

Future: Space Exploration
To learn more about the environment outside of our planet. , -Develop Technology that will one day help us travel to planets that are far away. -To see if anyone is out there
Technological Advancements
Include: Hubble Space Telescope, Mars Rover, Astronaut Suits, Spaceships
"Every cubic inch of space is a miracle." -Walt Whitman

Pros: Can help find new resources for us to use, help learn more about the planets around us,

Cons: We could be spending billions of dollars on something that might not work, We might find something that we shouldn't have.

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