Book Talk Issue 1 - October 2021

Welcome to the launch of our new half termly ‘Book Talk’ newsletter! At Hamstel Infant and Nursery School we pride ourselves on providing the children a rich reading culture and promoting Reading for Pleasure. So, we hope by sending out a half termly newsletter we will be able to share and excite our love for books even further into your homes by sharing just some ‘bookish’ activities, news, thoughts and recommendations of our children, staff and the wider book community.

Our School Library

This half term has seen our school library re-open to the children so they can have regular weekly visits reading and enjoying the wealth of fiction and non-fiction books we offer. The library has provided a calm and cosy environment for the children to share books and listen to stories. The children will be bringing home a chosen library book weekly to share at home. A perfect opportunity to share and read a new book at bedtime!

Grumpy Frog

Why not learn how to draw 'Grumpy Frog' with author and illustrator Ed Vere.


Local Libraries are back open!

Check the website below for further information on opening times and booking children age 0-5 for a Story Rhymes session. Click here.

Story Time


Nursery have enjoyed “The bus is for us!” written by Michael Rosen and illustrated by Gillian Tyler

This book is a simple rhyming book about going on different types of transport and what they enjoy, but best of all they like the bus. For example, “You can fly to the moon on a hot balloon, or take a trip on a big ship”. The children really enjoyed using their imagination and talking about where they would like to go on a bus.


Reception have really enjoyed reading the story 'The Colour Monster Goes to School' by Anna Llenas.

The Colour Monster learns to express his feelings and overcome his nerves in this beautifully illustrated book. The children could relate to how the Colour Monster was feeling and it enabled them to grow in confidence to talk about how they felt starting school.

Year 1

Newt Class really enjoyed learning all about Mary Anning this half term. During story time they loved reading the Little People, Big Dreams book all about her. They found her life fascinating and were amazed that she discovered the first Ichthyosaur.

We have also read a lot of different exciting books about dinosaurs including Mad About Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs Day Out and The Dinosaur Rap but Mary Anning, Little People, Big Dreams really inspired them to find out more about her life.

Year 2

Fox Class enjoyed listening to the story The Fox and The Star by Coralie Bick-ford Smith. This book has stunning illustrations which the children enjoyed admiring and discussing. This beautiful story explores the themes of friendship and loneliness. All the children were pleased to see this book had a happy ending! Why not give it a read and find out what happens to the Fox

Book Recommendations!

Here are some great recommended reads that have been selected by some of our staff that the children might enjoy at home if you’re visiting the library or looking for a present to buy.


Jumblebum by Chae Strathie and Ben Cort - This is a story about Johnny McNess who liked to make a terrible mess. His mum warned him about a Jumble bum monster who is created by Johnny’s mess and how Johnny escapes from ending up in his big Jumble tum.


I Say Boo You Say Hoo by John Kane - 'There's something I need you to help me with. When I say BOO, you say HOO. Are you ready?' Boo is little ghost who lives in a haunted house - and he is afraid of the dark. This is a really funny book which makes children belly laugh. It encourages children to join in and help tell the story.

Year 1

Island by Mark Janssen - This is the story of a family who become shipwrecked and create a new home on an island. It has beautiful illustrations and as it is without text the children are able to create their own narrative to accompany the pictures.

Year 2

Wigglesbottom Primary Books - There is a wide collection of these laugh out loud school based fun stories now available. The books have fun two colour illustrations and are filled with humorous adventures and characters at Wigglebottom Primary. The books contain 3 short stories, perfect for Year 2 children as they are becoming more independent readers. Also perfect for the confident readers amongst Year 2.