Butcher and Bee Interior plaNts

Entrance To Patio

Ficus Elastica In Black and White Planter. A good fit for the light in the back of the restaurant.

Four West Windows - Waiting Area and Front Banquet Table Area

A hanging Hurricane Cactus planter in each window. This planter will be composed of concrete and air craft cable. The Hurricane Cactus is super easy to care for and attractive.
Another hanging Cactus above the table against the wall.

Small Plants on the Bar Top

A Little Sansevieria in our Haven planter will look great on the bar. I'm not sure how many would be appropriate but they would look great spread throughout the restaurant. They are $40 each, I put 3 on the quote, just let us know how many you prefer.

On the top shelf above the bar.

Three of these gorgeous planters on the top shelf. One in the center and one on each side between the two white lights.

Under the Stairs

This setup is flexible, it does the job to act as a visual barrier. It is comprised of concrete planters.
The three individual planter inserts here would all get sansevieria. This makes care very easy.
This cube is 10" on all sides. It's used to elevate the larger planter and as a planter for the corners of the display.
Sansevieria Black Coral

Thank you!

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