HITLER´S RISE Kyle Hamilton

Adolf Hitler was his name. He was the chancellor of Germany in World War 2. This is about how he came to power. He came to power in 1919 when he joined the Nazi party. before he joined he lived in Austria. He gave up his citizenship to fight with Germany during World War 1. He fought for Germany alright, but ended up in a hospital due to poisonous gases such as mustard gas. Germany ended up losing the war and had to pay all the war damages off due to the treaty of Versailles. Hitler blamed the Jewish religion and political enemies like communist. He swore they were the problem of Germany.

It was not long before Hitler was control of the Nazis. Hitler actually designed the banner that belonged to the Nazis. He thought the swastika was a key detail to it. Hitler started speaking out his beer hall speeches. He would go out and speak to the drunk and get them to believe what he believed. Those drunks were his first victims. Hitler was a man of his own. He had control of himself and the Nazi party so he disobeyed the treaty of Versailles and attacked Czechoslovakia. France did not like that so they declared war on Germany and boom, you got World War 2.

As you probably know ,the NAZI party was not always the NAZI party. They were originally the national socialist German party. It was not till after Hitler joined when people started calling them the NAZI party. The party with Adolf took over the government in 1933. After he was in power he started gaining territory and establishing concentration camps for the crippled,communist,and Jews. Hitler had full control at this point (mid year 1933) and he was showing no sign of letting up.

when Germany elected the Nazi party as head government Hitler was ready. He practically new they would win the election. Hitler was on the way to causing a genocide to the Jewish race. Hitler was not fond about communist either. He hated their guts. Concentration camps were established all over Germany. Millions of Jews and communist were killed. Not many survived do to the poor conditions of concentration camps.

Germany was humiliated after defeat in World War 1. Hitler was furious and the world depression did not help either. Since Adolf Hitler was a powerful speaker he could get in the minds of people with a few words. With Hitler´s great speeches the Nazis rose to power in a quick way. Hitlers main motivation was crushing the treaty of Versailles. All Hitler had to do was become chancellor and that is what he did.

After Hitlers appointment at chancellor the Nazis celebrated. After his appointment he had great power in the span of 2 months. Children started to take after Hitler. They got Nazi uniforms and trained like a soldier. They thought Hitler was a hero. It was not just 1 age group it was all of them 4 and up started taking after Hitler. Hitler was proud of his anarchy. He started mass mutiny and caused a war with his crazy mind. He kept expanding Germany´s borders by attacking other countries. He was always moving his army.

Before Hitler was chancellor he tried taking over Munich city hall. That did not work out for him that well. He was thrown in jail. The German government was already downed by World War 1 and the depression so right when Hitler got out of jail he started trying to find ways for him to get in charge. Since Hitler had such a powerful voice he could get in front of a crowd and convince them anything. He had a,lets say power of convincing anyone anything about politics.People started to believe his inhuman conspiracies and started following him.

Most of Hitlers fury came from the loss of World War 1. That boosted his effort to kill all Jews. Hitler was also mad ant the weakness of the German constitution. Hitler blamed all weakness in the world on other political parties and religions. He called them filthy or not pure. Hitler had a great and powerful voice. He was strong politically and could not be stopped in a campaign. Hitler was one of the most dangerous person to rule in Germany. And this was only the start of his terrible story.

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