Mudslinger 2020 MTB Time Trail and Covid-19 Mitigation

Thank you Starker Forests

For over 30 years, Starker Forests has supported mountain bikers and all recreation on its private land. This forestry family is well known for its generous nature and sound forestry practices. My personal solitude is in the forest, and I am thankful for this relationship and the opportunity to provide this event in 2020.

This marks my 25th active year for maintaining the trails and racing in the Blodgett area since 2001 besides a 1991 NORBA state Championship in Blodgett. In the early days, Mudslinger resided inside of OSU College of Forestry, and Starker Forests trails closer to Corvallis for an 18 or 32-mile loop with over 2000 ft or 5000 ft of climbing. In those days, the Corvallis Mountain Bike Club hosted the event led by Mike Ripley and Jim Fisher. The times have changed indeed for distance and elevation to not put you in such a pain cave! Back in those days, we road gravel bikes (LOL and True). Year 33 this year as we celebrate my friend Jonathan Myers who I met at the 1992 Mudslinger. Jon beat the field by 15 minutes, and it was an Expert class after that and no looking back! This is my 25th year of producing this event, among many others, in what has been a most chaotic time with no easy way forward.

Please know that your safety is always a concern in snow, mud, or fast and dry trails. With some simple etiquette in place and your patience, we can make racing and events on a small scale possible. Without your collaboration and support, we will not be able to chart a course together. Thank you from Mudslinger Events Mike, Andi, Myka, Rya, Phebe and our excellent crew in Misty, Maria, Brooke, Tracie, Kate, Justin, Bill, and more who keep the lights on!

Special thanks to all the volunteers. Determine if you are at higher risk for severe illness and if you are, don’t travel.


Special mention to the OBRA medical advisory board, especially Mike Murray, who I have known for 20+ years. With his calm and charming manner in person and now via video conference, the 15 ft rule was designed with the board's help. (2.5 bike lengths in my book). Mike, Ann, and Beth Ann are caring people as well as the OBRA Board of directors led by Steven Beardsley and Executive Director Chuck Kenlen.

Rider Know before you go list!

External (Participants and Residents) Message to Riders



Know how COVID-19 spreads

Know the symptoms of COVID-19

Don’t travel if you are sick or are with someone who is sick

Determine if you are at higher risk for severe illness and if you are, don’t travel

Consider the possible risks you might encounter during travel

Consider who you are traveling back to and what risk you might be exposing them to.

Is anyone considered high risk that you will be returning to?


Please consider not attending the event of you reside in a county or state in phase 1 or is limiting travel to "essential travel only" This is a state reccomendation.

Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds (or alcohol based sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol)

Avoid close contact with others (maintain 6’ social distancing)

Cover your mouth and nose with a cloth face cover when around others

Cover coughs and sneezes

Clean and disinfect everything

Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands

Bring all necessary liquids and foods to be able to provide for yourself

Consider sitting out the event if your county is not in the same phase as the county you are traveling to.

Thank you to USA Cycling in the development of quite a few of the Covid-19 resources available to make racing happen. Mudslinger Events LLC has been on at least 7 webinars 's/Zoom meetings, including the agencies and groups including USA Cycling, OBRA, and the CDC/Forest Service, BLM and National Parks and Eugene Cascades Sports Commission to gain a perspective on what best practices are being developed to chart a way forward. The return to racing resource book is available to all, regardless of affiliation, and has been a welcome addition to our resources and our legal team. We are utilizing OBRA's insurance for this event, and like many other events, producers have multiple policies to run our businesses. We have produced Marathon MTB Nationals in 2012 and really appreciate the efforts that may go unnoticed by cyclists or be under-appreciated. Link to USA Cycling resources.

The 33rd annual Mudslinger mountain bike race supported by Corvallis Cyclery /Hammer Nutrition/10 Barrel Brewing and Bobs Red Mill is (10 and 15 miles with remote start and finish) on Sunday, July 5th in Blodgett, Oregon. We currently have a plan to maximize a very limited to no contact event with enhanced sanitation to operate these two outdoor activities. The areas have none to minimal recreation on any given day or weekend compared to an urban or more well-traveled area. From one way socially distanced packet pickup to scheduled and socially distanced starts we look forward to seeing your masked up face.


The process will be in line with phase 2 State guidelines and retail for 2020 and 2021 until we get a vaccine. We will be adding mitigated aid and drop zones to all other longer events that meet resturant guidelines. Mudslinger requires you to be self sufficient while on course. We will have a safety monitor on course.

  • We will have Bib pick up in exchange for waivers with retail guidelines and mitigation in place.
  • Waivers can be and for those with the technical skills signed via adobe sign before the event.
  • All participants will be required to wear a face covering or mask when not on course and have available while racing.
  • Mudslinger Events waivers will be processed through Adobe Sign for no contact mitigation except for the OBRA waiver which you must download, fill out and bring to the event.
  • Increased large format signage placed at multiple locations
  • The course lays out well for open gravel roads and short sections of trails all on the downhill.
  • Racers will be required to pull up face covering or mask when passing and be instructed to not come any closer than 2.5 bike lengths or 15 ft to the rider in front unless making a pass that can stick. The course lays out well for open gravel roads and short sections of trails all on the downhill. Please do the above with your physical safety in mind.
  • We will have enhanced handwashing stations and multiple sanitizing stations with 80% Ethanol Sanitizer
  • All porta potties placed at Blodgett school will be 8-10 feet apart
  • We will limit the number of participants to 50 in any given hr by reserving a start time for this MTB TT
  • 3 hr start window 1 mile south from Blodgett School on Tum Tum Rd
  • Elites/Cat 1/SS then Cat2's Clydesdales Cat 3's See website
  • Participants will have a do not arrive before 40 minutes to a start window and a start time
  • No Spectators (sorry) Minors will be allowed 1 parent in the area, socially distanced. More info will be given to riders one week prior.
  • NEW Tracking ap for all participants will be demonstrated by a group Mudslinger Events is working with.
  • Cones placed 10 feet apart for social distancing during the start for 45 seconds to exact start times. The chip will be placed on fork socially distanced by the timing crew at packet pickup.
  • An individual starts for all participants (This could change per guidelines for small group starts the closer we get to the event socially distanced on both sides of the road.) Not currently permitted by OBRA but could change in the future.
  • No Drafting will be allowed, and although hard to monitor, we will have course observers on course to monitor. 
  • Crew or Spectators will not be allowed at the event venue beyond a parent of a minor child or children may be finishing, and we would want to facilitate a parent or guardian with a face covering or mask.
  • Be self sustaining for shorter events under 3 hrs
  • Safety stations will have radio coverage and cell phone coverage, just like each year.
  • No awards ceremony at the venue (Virtual awards Sunday), and all results are chip-based for live results. Racers will be encouraged to depart soon after finishing.
  • Touchpoints are minimum or mainly porta-potties or handwashing station
  • Riders are 90% local or the State of Oregon and capped at 160-200 total participants to be well under the phase two 250 max capacity.

OBRA Rule 21

Special Social Distancing and Disease Transfer Mitigation Rules (Rule 21):

21.1 - All persons present at an event must follow all state mandated guidelines for social distancing and disease transfer mitigation.

21.2 - All persons present at an event must wear a face covering intended to stop disease transfer that covers the nose and mouth if they are within 15 feet, or, 2.5 bike lengths of another person. When participating, it is the responsibility of the overtaking rider to notify other riders of their presence when coming within 15 feet.

21.3 - Event staff must prominently display signage at events detailing social distancing and disease transfer mitigation best practices and details of OBRA Racing Rule 21. OBRA will provide a template for this signage.

Failure to comply with Rule 21 may result in disqualification, removal from venue and suspension.


Additional Staff will be hired for venue social distancing and add to our existing six-person crew plus outside powered chip timing crew. With no group starts and no social component beyond social media and communications, both events can be successfully mitigated to provide a good day on the bike or on foot. Volunteers will be given at-risk guidelines above to determine if they can assist per the CDC Guidelines.

Signage (Just a few and we have more)

Time frame

7/5/20 8am until 12pm Mudslinger Mountain Bike Starting Time Frame

7/5/20 9am until 3pm Mudslinger finishers remote in woods to ride back 1.8 miles to Blodgett and tell stories on social media. Results texted to participants.

Awards shipped at participant expenses with virtual awards Sunday night.

Cash purse is still 500.00 top three equal for men and women fastest long course times


Mudslinger Events LLC DBA Oregon Trail Runs is a local family business based out of Monroe, Oregon focused on health and wellness and the coordination of outdoor activities. These activities include cycling rides and competitions and running events on trail and road. We have many factors to consider during Covid-19, including the ability to open registration and to have enough participants that would like to participate in order not to cancel the event. Now that Phase 1 is in effect and businesses like Gyms and restaurants are open to some degree, we hope to start promoting these events in the coming weeks and get back to work as phase two is around the corner. Our window is tight, with fire season coming up and to salvage any business we can safely and effectively.

Created By
Mike Ripley


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