Movie Posters Re-imagined

The Initial Plan

I aim to create a minimum of 2 classic movie posters inspired illustrative pieces. they shall be re-imagine in my own illustrative style, using both traditional and digital materials.

Week 1: Research into artist and techniques

Week 2: Traditionally created piece, using pen, paper, metallic pens and rulers.

Week 3: Planning and completing my digital piece:

Week 4: Touching up any pieces that might need it and preparing my final presentation

The research

Kult Magazine

Kult magazine is the source for this set of images that originally inspired me to create a movie poster re-imagining. They are a company based in Singapore that specialise in art and graphics and employee artists for their monthly issues so that they can display their work, and make become recognised within the creative industry for their unique style and artistic talent.

This is an digital illustrative piece inspired by Pulp Fiction. I love the simplicity of the movie poster, as it relies on the iconography seen in the film, the trailer for the film and the original movie poster itself against a block bold colour, such as red. Its like a guessing game for the audience, creating a more personal connection to the film and thereby the movie poster.

I love the broad stroke around the illustration and this can be easily achieved in illustrator by editing the stoke width around the shapes I will create. I think t haps to make it stand out against the bold background bringing attention to it. And I will most likely recreate tis when doing my own film poster


This looks like it could be an traditionally illustrated piece that has been scanned into a computer and edited digitally. This is my favourite piece, and one that I think closest resembles my style of illustration. I would like to do a piece very much like this in my own movie poster creation. The contrast between the think and thin black and white line detail and typography is not very common among film posters, however, I believe that the contrast would be just as eye catching in terms of advertisement as a “usual” film poster.

In terms of the media, the reasoning for certain film posters design is to communicate a certain message to the audience in a very short amount of time. However, this goes against the grain on this, as there is so much to look at that you have to study it for a moment, probably taking in more information then you would need to, in order to get your butt in the cinema seat. Having said this however, because you spent time studying the film poster, I believe this would make you have a more personal connection to the artwork, thereby the films title would stick out in your mind due to personal recollection. As intricate line art and black and white shading is very much my style, this is good news for me, as I am creating art, however it needs to have a purpose, which is box office numbers and sales, which is the job of a movie poster.

Olly Moss

Olly Moss is an English Graphic Designer, born in the UK, 1987. Currently living and working in`Winchester, UK. His work has been featured in Empire Magazine, and his movie poster reimaginings are something he most well known for, however he was recently commissioned to work on the digital covers for the Harry Potter Series, by JK Rowling’s online company; Pottermore.

What attracted me to this artist, is he takes the colour themes most featured in the film o in the films marketed and incorporates it in his own work however skewing it a little. I think you can see this clearly in the images I have chosen to inspire my own work. The angle and the way in which the light at dark contrast wraps around the image due to its dutch angle long shot. I love this different design, it's not the usual style of movie posters, and this is what I am aiming to do during the extension of my own skill sets. I also like the faded aspect of the graphic design, as it makes the movie posters look more like comic book covers. I think this style is very effective, especially nower days with the rise in interest by pop culture and the media consciousness surrounding comic books. I think this would be a cool style to recreate this in my own work, and might be a style I try to recreate in illustrator, as I don't use the digital media as a creative medium very often, therefore I think it would improve my skill set immensely.

Spirited Away

This poster is part of his Ghibli series in which he re creates the famous Japanese animation movies, Spirited Away being the highest grossing movie of all time in Japan, and personally my favourite film of all time. I liked these pieces as, once again the lighting of the movie poster is beautiful, and highlights all of the primary colours that were used throughout the film. In spirited aways case, this being red and gold. He also did a very creative thing in which he puts key characters and locations hidden within the piece, that a person who loves the film would be able to spot straight away; making it a lot more personal in its design. This also pays homage to the original film posters, as all of the main characters and location were displayed on the DVD cover and Film posters when the film was originally released.

Howls Moving Castle

Creating my movie posters

The first piece I decided to create was one based off the magazine pieces I looked at, specifically the Pulp Fiction one. As I don’t have a predisposition for digital design, specifically minimalistic illustration. Therefore I thought that I should challenge myself in order to widen my artistic and creative ability and style. Im quite nervous as it is entirely out of my comfort zone.

I started by looking at the details of the piece that has inspired me. So the main theme of it was minimalism, something I really struggle with in terms of my creative style, so I decided this would be the perfect artistic style to do to step out of my comfort zone. As well as this, I thought I wouldn’t be able to re create this style and techniques in a traditionally medium such as paint, pens and sketching; therefore I need to use digital techniques, which are not my strong suit.

I took some advice from fellow students such as Matt and Nicole, who are more creatively inclined to use digital software and techniques, they said to have a reference on hand, as it really helps keep you mind on task, as well as keep the proportions as close as possible if necessary.

With this advice in mind, I thought about a movie with a distinct style and colour scheme to start me off easy, so that I can get the process down, before I attempt more. As the piece that inspired me was a simple and bright film poster of Pulp Fiction, a Quentin Tarantino film, I decided to pay direct homage to this piece by recreating a film poster for on of his other films, Kill Bill.

So the first thing I needed to decide was the background, as it is a minimalist piece this is a huge part of the design, not only that but as there is no typography telling the audience what the name of the film is, it also needs to be a colour that relates directly to the film’s iconography, otherwise the audience might be confused as to what film it; causing the design to fail.

I watched film trailers for the film, as well as recalled in my own memories of the film, and saws that the yellow and black design of the motorcycle jumpsuit the main character wears was highly played up in the marketing for the film, as it is striking and recognisable. Therefore I thought it would be the best plan of action, go with black and yellow.

Next I looked for specific iconography throughout the film, that would be instantly recognised. Samurai sword would be a safe bet, but has been over done to death. I needed something that alluded to a climatic point in the film, one that would resonate personally with my audience. I decided that the motorbike helmet was worn or in the scene at every major plot point in the film. For example when the main character cuts of a woman’s arms to get her to divulge some crucial information to the plot. Or the famous driving scene on the way to the location in which the final fight occurs. I also though this would be a more dynamic and striking design on an audience. Therefore decided it would be my safest bet.

Here is the third image I designed, I thought I should have some variation to the original concept of the Mulan film poster, as I thought the first one didn’t do the film enough justice, as the main characters iconography switches from a very feminine iconography ideal, to a very masculine one. As the main character switched between traditionally feminine and masculine roles within the film. Therefore I thought I would do a variation of the first very feminine design with this one you can see here.

I picked this iconography as it is the catalyst for one of the most climatic scene of the movie. It represents strength and is the turning point for the main character as she is up against an entire army by herself and wins, through her intelligence and leadership, things that are not categorically feminine.

The weights around the dragon missle were originally intended for the first variation of the Mulan poster, to represent her journey in over coming gender stereotypes and ideals. Just as in the film, she over came climbing the pole with the weights help, instead of letting them weigh her down, she used them in such a way that they helped her achieve her goal. I thought this would have been a perfect metaphor in conjunction with the feminine iconography of the fan, as the weight is a representation of feminine ideals and stereotypes weighing the character down.

Wolf of Wall Street

In this design I decided to subvert what people would assume would be on a Wolf of Wall Street poster, which would be drugs, and go for the other themes I found while watching the film, this being family, money and sexual relations. This poster was directly influenced by a scene in the film in which Jordans wife and his relationship are on the rocks and she teases him with sex while in their baby's nursery. I think this is a critical point in the film, as it displays the decline of the main characters morals, even more so then previously seen. He is trying to be a husband and father but his sex addition has taken him away from what actually makes him a good husband and father.

Sketching Development


This was a quick sketch I did, to display a different style in which I could have gone with the movie posters, and was directly inspired by the artists in KULT Magazine who created the Barbarella movie poster.


Over all I think my skills within Illustrator have developed a lot more having done this project, and I feel more confident in my skills within the software. As well as this, it really challenged my own creative ideals, as I don't work in a minimalistic form as I am a very detailed and chaotic person in my designs

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