On The Menu Rating application

Application Overview

On the Menu is a restaurant rating application that bases real life experiences day to day on the app. Each time you go to a restaurant you have the option to leave a one to five star rating for your experience there. Perhaps the food was great but the service was bad, have no fear, there are three different ratings you can leave that end up calculating on their own into an overall rating. You can separately rate the food, the service as well as the aesthetic or mood of the restaurant. There will be no written review due to the possibility of slander and false claims against the restaurant.

Each time you leave a review you get rewards points, you can work your way from a bronze member to a platinum member. The higher your ranking the more credible you are. You will also receive deals and special offers directly from the app that you can use at a select number of restaurants. Some of these deals may include $5 off your meal, a free appetizer, etc.


Gary Wollaston

  • 30 years old
  • Lives in a small apartment on the outskirts of the city
  • Goes out to eat 5-6 times a month
  • Prefers a sit down restaurant
  • Enjoys multiple food styles

Fiona Smalls

  • 24 years old
  • Lives in a studio apartment in the city
  • Considers herself a foodie
  • Runs her own blog about her life
  • Enjoys smaller cafe style restaurants

William Stein

  • 68 years old
  • Lives in a quiet neighborhood with his wife
  • Goes out to eat 3-4 times a month
  • Enjoys traditional American and Italian food

Based on Personas..

What Is The Purpose?

  • See when service, food and aesthetic/mood is good or bad
  • Day to day 1-5 star based review
  • Find a restaurant near you based on desired food

Why Is It Needed?

  • To avoid bad service and food
  • Go to your favorite restaurants on a good day
  • To find new restaurants to eat at
  • Allows customers to leave a review each day

What Problem Does It Solve?

  • It solves aggravation that could be caused by a bad experience
  • Saves time and money

Survey Analysis

In the passed 30 days, how often did you go out to eat?

  • Never : 0%
  • 1-3 times : 20%
  • 4-6 times : 60%
  • 7-9 times : 20%
  • 10 or more times : 0%

How often do you try new restaurants?

  • Not Often : 80%
  • Often : 0%
  • Very Often : 20%

Would this application help you decide where and when you would go out to eat next?

  • No : 0%
  • Maybe : 20%
  • Yes : 80%

Would you be willing to rate/review a restaurant every time you went out to eat?

  • No : 0%
  • If I remember : 40%
  • Maybe : 40%
  • Yes : 20%

Would you like the idea of getting an inappropriate/negative review taken down and deleted?

  • No, let them say what they want : 20%
  • No, I would take it into consideration : 20%
  • Yes : 60%
  • Yes, no one should be negative : 0%

After having 5 people complete the survey I created, I decided to take away the option of writing a review and just rating the restaurant based on a star scale. There would be a big risk of exposing a company and having the possibility of false claims and accusations made. It would also make the process much faster and require less time than it would take to write a whole review.

It also became clear that it would be helpful for the people who go out to eat often as well as the ones who try new restaurants quite often. For those who don't try new places, it would let them know how their current favorite place is that day.

Style Tile

A style guide to give an idea as to what colors I came up with and what typefaces/styles I'm using.


User Acceptance Test Analysis

I tested three different subjects, all with different demographics. However, they were all people I was friends with or related to. Some of the comments I received were about color choice, placement of objects and the flow. The color choice was said to have been warm and inviting due to the fact that the colors matched well and "reminded them of many restaurants because they use similar colors". Placement was mentioned when it came to how they themselves would picture an app being laid out. It was also mentioned that the flow would be clear and easy to navigate if it was in working condition at the time. They didn't say anything bad, unfortunately, so I worked on things they didn't mention. I worked on correcting confusing spots that may have thrown a user off.


Create an account and rate the Texas Roadhouse.

Inputs & Assumptions

  • Subject frequently goes to this restaurant once to twice a month.
  • Subject often goes to the restaurant to enjoy not only the experience but also for the quality of their steak.


  • Create an account with the “On The Menu” application.
  • Search for “Texas Roadhouse”.
  • Select the location of Brockton, MA.
  • Begin rating your experience.
  • Click the fourth star for “Experience”.
  • Click the fifth star for “Food”.
  • Click the fourth star for “Mood”.
  • Lastly, press “Complete”.


Log into your account and review the rewards system.

Inputs & Assumptions

  • Subject goes out to eat two to three times a month.
  • Subject often goes to a restaurant to avoid a night of cooking and enjoy a night out of good food and service.


  • Login to your account.
  • Go to your profile.
  • Look at your rewards.
  • Learn about how the system works.
  • Go back to your profile.
  • Now, navigate to the home page.


An overview of the entire application including extra tasks than can be completed.

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