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Our campaign will work to generate awareness and educate individuals of all ages on how to aid in honeybee conservancy. Beginning in the month of September, National Honey Month, this month-long social media campaign will partner with the Honeybee Conservancy to provide information, resources, and skills that will help the target demographics become and remain involved in honeybee conservation efforts.


  • Cheerios - currently giving away 100 million wildflower seeds for individuals to plant at home to increase and expand honeybee habitats
  • Haagen-Dazs - donated $1 per tweet in 2009 on a campaign occurring between Aug. 4th and Sept. 28th. Focused on education of Colony Collapse Disorder. Reached approx. 56,000 users -- drew in approx. 12,000 new users.
  • Burt's Bees - Twitter campaign that required users to omit the letter 'b' from their tweets, followed by hashtag "#BringBackTheBees." In turn, Burt's Bees planted 1,000 wildflower seeds per tweet.


  • Twitter: 500,000 followers, 2 million users viewing Tweets in feed
  • Instagram: 300,000 followers incorporating hashtag into Instagram photo campaign
  • Snapchat: 150,000 users utilizing facial filter for the month of the campaign


Twitter: Release one Tweet daily. Alternate between habitat restoration information, honeybee facts, and honey farms in the US that users can seek out to purchase local honey from.

Instagram: Users will post photos engaging in conservation efforts. Be it buying honey from a local farm or planting their own wildflower garden, users will post their photos with the #BeeFriendly hashtag while wearing yellow shirts. For the first three weeks, one winner will be selected at the end of each week based on the quality and content of their photo. In week 4, three users will be selected to attend an environmental conference hosted by the Honeybee Conservancy with keynote speakers Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and Former Vice President Al Gore.

Snapchat: Beginning in the first week, users will have the opportunity to add a snapchat face filter to promote the #BeeFriendly campaign. Alternatively, weeks 2 and 4 will integrate a paid advertising campaign into the Snapchat platform that will provide more information on the overall issue.


Users will be able to purchase tee shirts and stickers. Proceeds will go towards thehoneybeeconservancy.org.


This social media campaign will not just generate money for the Honeybee Conservancy; it will generate awareness. Our campaign will educate users in a manner that will catalyze habitual behavior in order to help preserve our honeybee population.

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