Lamar Rice Wardrobe stylist


My intention is to help others figure out their wardrobe style in a unique way that is signature to me only, through the way of color analysis which can be used to highlight certain features of the individual and also taking trends in a different way to make the specific client stand out more than everyone else. I believe in consistent and creative aspects in everything I do for my clients and I want you to be up next.


- Buy clothes for you fast, easy and stress free! I also can help out with those late gifts that you might need to get for loved ones.


- I can create a lookbook that consist strictly of items in your wardrobe so that if you need a quick outfit in a hurry you can just go ahead and grab it and go!


- I can visit your home and reconstruct your wardrobe choices and (if wanted) give your oldest piece that you never wear, a new meaning in your closet to be used in a different way than you did before. Take pictures of the clothes and help you put together outfits that goes hand and hand with the lookbook aspects of my services while also keeping you on track with the trends of today.


- If wanted I will be able to put together sets of outfits for your upcoming shoot with models for any editorial piece or just simply for an exposure piece


Bronze • Silver • Gold

Above I have listed the 3 choices I give for my services.


- I will shop for you whenever it is needed at anytime, even if it's just choosing out a great gift for a friend who's into clothing, I'll always give you the most recent trending clothing and also make sure you get them first.


- I can visit your home every 3 months to organize your closet so it matches your lifestyle, sort by what's new, what's old, what can be reused and what is just simply not your style anymore, styles can change! Include personal shopping, also what's old to you and not attractive anymore can be sold, I can help you set up a system where you can also make some money back on the clothes that you simply have no use for anymore. I'll also create an inventory for you to maintain the selling portion of this.


- Personal Shopping

- Wardrobe Edit (every 3 months)

- Wardrobe Inventory

- A Lookbook (will include clothing from your wardrobe so you can have access to premade fits as quick as possible)

- Social Media Exposure

For inquires or any type of questions just email:

I'm available 24/7! So contact me any time


Photography taken by Peja - @Pejamane

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