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Romeo and Juliet is not just a play, but a study about how to make good choices in life.

Teenagers are quick to react to situations. Usually they want something immediately. For example, the new iPhone 7 comes out, I NEED it now. My love interest isn't interested in me; I CAN'T live without him.

Romeo explains, "She refuses to be hit by Cupid's arrow." Benvolio wants Romeo to forget about her, but he says he cannot forget to think about her in Act I, Scene I.

What can be learned from this situation is that Benvolio is trying to be a good friend and offer advice, which is something that all people need in their lives. Romeo wants Rosaline right now, and needs Benvolio to speak reasonably to him.

Next, Romeo shows how quickly his interests change. Romeo falls in love with Juliet at first sight.

"Is she a Capulet? Oh this is a heavy price to pay! My life is in the hands of my enemy." Act I, Scene 5

What can be learned from this quote is that many times teenagers are willing to push boundaries to do or get what they want without thinking about the consequences of actions.

Juliet feels deep sorrow when she learns that she must marry Paris when she's married to Romeo. "Is there no pity in the sky that can see my sadness? ...if you don't delay, make my wedding bed in the tomb where Tybalt lies." Act 3, Scene 5

What can be learned from this quote is that sometimes parents don't understand teenagers problems because communication between generations and parents is difficult. To have a good relationship with a parent, trust and communication.

"There was never a story more full of woe than the story of Juliet and her Romeo." Act 5, Scene 3

After finishing this play what can be learned about relationships and making wise decisions is that rash thinking and poor communication leads to disaster in the end. This is why Romeo and Juliet are never meant to be. If people are honest, better decisions are capable of being made.

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