COM60203 / 0321228 - 17 Facial Expressions

ISO100 | f/14 | 1/100

This week, we had to take pictures of 17 facial expressions. Doing facial expressions were supposed to be easy, as we express our feelings through our facial expressions everyday. However, my photography partner and I had difficulty in choosing which facial expressions that we wanted to do. When it was our turn to take photos, we found it easy to do the 17 facial expressions.

In addition, it was my first time taking photos / photoshoots with softbox, trigger, and a gold reflector. Taking photos in such conditions require a set of basic skills, as the environment was dark and dim. I had to carefully workout and adjust the ISO, shutter speed, as well as the aperture in order for the result of the picture to look nice. I had a good learning experience in understanding how to take photographs using a softbox.


Created with images by pasa47 - "Facial Expressions - SLC Art Museum"

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