Worsbrough Common Primary Home Learning Week 4

As we end the sixth week of learning at home, I would like to start by saying a massive thank you to everyone involved with the school. Firstly, to all parents and carers, who have found themselves in the unfamiliar position of ‘teacher’ over recent weeks. From the communication I have had, I know there have been challenges and it makes us all appreciate the wonderful work our classroom teachers do, day-in day-out, with our all of our children. Thank you for being there to support and encourage our pupils to continue to make progress in the current situation we find ourselves.

I would also like to say a massive thank you to all of our pupils. The work I have seen on Seesaw over recent weeks has blown me away. Finally, I cannot thank our teachers enough for the effort they are going to every single day to ensure that pupils are continuing to learn and make progress at home. I have to say I have been overwhelmed with the messages of support from parents and carers for the work our staff are managing during these difficult times. Having looked around at other school approaches over the holidays, I haven't seen anything nearly as good as the quality of education our pupils are receiving. In addition to this, staff across school are still attending regularly to provide support for our key worker children and vulnerable families. I am sure you will agree that for staff to put themselves (and their families) at additional risk during the lockdown by continuing to run school for these children it is to be thanked. We can all be proud of the part we are playing to support our front-line workers, colleagues, families and friends. Thank you.

Since our doors closed to the majority of pupils on 20th March, school has continued to remain open for our pupils as required supporting those families who are Key Workers. For those families who qualify for free school meals, we have worked hard to ensure the government voucher scheme is in place and working. Please do bear with us if there are any delays – nationally there have been some complications, but I am hopeful that all families are/will be receiving the vouchers on time. If you have any queries in relation to this, please do get in touch. We will be happy to look into problems.

As we start the summer term, we are getting closer to transition events as pupils move into their next phase of learning. For some pupils, that means joining WCPS for the first time, and for others, leaving us to move onto their secondary education. At this point, I would like to officially welcome all our new pupils and parents for September 2020. I know this is not the ideal situation for beginning a new school, but rest assured we are working as hard as we can to ensure a smooth transition in September. Mrs Evans, has been in touch with families joining us into the Reception classes in September and has started to communicate our plans for transition. Don’t forget to also keep an eye out on our Foundation Stage blogs and twitter feeds for our big school challenges! How many can you do when getting ready for big school?

I would also like to say at this point a huge thank you to our Y6 pupils, who I am sure you will agree have worked extremely hard this year in preparation for the end of Key Stage SATs assessments. Let me be clear: in the long run, it is not the SATs certificates that are important, but the knowledge, skills and experiences you have learned over your time at WCPS that matter and prepare you for your next steps. Continue to enjoy the adventure. We will await government guidelines over the coming weeks, but we are really hoping to see you all again (in one form or another!) before the summer.

I am so proud of the fact that we have been able to continue our weekly Smartie Pants assembly and also offered other events like our coffee morning, quiz and bake with me live. On a personal note, I really am looking forward to when we can all sit and celebrate together again – I hope that time will be soon.

Currently, we have no further information related to the end of lockdown or likely return dates to school. I know there are plenty of rumours flying around on social media but I promise we know no more than yourselves right now. For now, please keep as safe as you can.

How not to go to school

While on Twitter I found this amazing teacher who had written a story. He wrote the story to help the kids in his class come to terms with school shutdown. Since then, it’s been read by thousands of families all around the world. Now, he has teamed up with incredible illustrator, Rebecca Sampson, to create this marvellous free storybook!

Parsley Mimblewood is a home-schooled kid who sees herself as something of an expert on “How to NOT go to School”. The story follows her daily whimsical adventures along with her 11 animals and 7 imaginary friends. Each chapter explores an issue that might be weighing on children’s minds at the moment such as missing friends, dealing with emotions and feeling cooped up.

Gilly has done an audio version of the story!

Pyjamarama day

So today across school we celebrate Book Trust Pyjamarama day by wearing our PJs all day and doing lots of book related tasks. Children who are in school are making story animations. What did you do at home?

TTRockstars Day

Online Learning

We still have a number of families who have not accessed our online learning through Seesaw. For anyone who this is the case for staff are getting in contact to ensure you are all safe and well and to try and support you in getting access as the resources provided will make home learning far easier.

Please do encourage children to do the home learning set by our teachers. Each day a number of resources are uploaded onto Seesaw, Twitter and the blog. These activities have been planned to meet the children’s needs and it isn’t a pick and choose option, all of the activities should be completed.

As said previously these tasks are a review of previous learning so if your child says “I can’t do it” please encourage them to give it a good go. Teachers are marking work and are available to contact through see saw if there are any issues. These activities can be spread throughout the day or done in one bulk which shouldn’t take long.

Alongside this learning it is important to be spending time together, building relationships, enjoying shared activities and reassuring children, as opposed to replicating the school timetable.

If you need support to get online please do let us know.

While searching Twitter I came across this doodle by @mrs_darl and asked her if I could include it in our newsletter this week and she said yes! She is also going to send me a blank copy for children to colour in themselves which is so kind! Blank copies will be uploaded onto blogs and seesaw and it would be lovely if you could share these on twitter for her to see!

Tales from the shed

Lots of children and families are enjoying Gilly's tales from the shed and this week children have been busy creating their own spider webs!

Don’t forget to watch out for other tales from the shed!

Bake with us Live

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our live baking session on Thursday. Mrs Harris and I really enjoyed it and Mrs Harris has promised she will do one in 2 weeks so please let us know what you would like us to bake! Here are some photos of the buns you made!



Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4


Another great week of learning on Seesaw. You have completed lots of activities and your work has been brilliant to mark. I love how you are all improving in your learning and trying really hard to complete it. Some of the learning is tricky but you are all showing lots of perseverance and resilience. Keep up the good work. I am still your teacher and am here to help and support you. 😊

Here is a special thank you to all parents and carers for supporting your child’s learning at home. It’s not always easy but you are all doing an amazing job and I am so proud of you all. If you need any support, please get in touch. 😊 Mrs Wellings

Year 5

Year 6

We have also had an author retweet one of our Year 6 learners writing! Please have a read and let us know what you think!


Created with images by Kristin Brown - "untitled image" • Patricia Prudente - "untitled image" • Austrian National Library - "Ski course of the Air Force, 1940"