The Crash By: Will Schmelter

It was a normal day in the Alaskan wilderness for Tom, a 11 year old boy and his father, Jim. Tom was short and skinny with brown hair, Jim was tall and thin with blond hair. They lived in a little hut deep into the Alaskan forest.

It was summer time now so Tom spent his day playing in the lake, fishing for fish to eat, and catching nearby wildlife. While Jim haunted for animals and collected firewood. It was late now and they started to eat dinner. A normal dinner for them was fish and maybe some deer. After dinner they went to bed.

That morning was an odd morning. Tom sensed something weird was going to happen that day. There was a sappy sort of taste in the air, there was a cold breeze, you could see some fog in the air, it and there were birds chirping loudly.

They had breakfast and went on and did their thing. Before they knew it was lunch time. They left overs from last night. Jim took a nap after lunch and Tom went for a swim. Tom decided to swim on the other side of the small lake where he has never swam before. He was swimming and then he kicked something hard. He opened his eyes under water to see what it was.

He figured it to be some sort of piece of metal. But then he noticed it was large and went to the bottom of the lake. He ran to wake up Jim. He told Jim what he saw. Jim thought about telling him what it actually was but then he heard a crack!

It was the sound of thunder. Jim bolted the door of the hut shut. It was storm, it started pouring rain. Jim started to have a flashback to when a storm like this was happening. He was flying in a bush plane with Tom and his wife when a big storm like this started to happen. It was so powerful that the wind pulled the plane down into the lake and Jim and Tom were the only ones to survive the crash. It happened a year ago to this day. They were trying to visit family. After the crash Tom became unconscious and forgot everything about the crash. Jim to this today has never told Tom the horrifying truth.

Now thinking that now Tom knows about the plane Jim decides to let Tom know. Jim says “That piece of metal you found was part of a plane and that plane crashed. We were the only ones to survive the crash. Your mother and the pilot died. I sorry I didn't tell you sooner.”

Tom was horrified and confused. He thought to himself Why would Jim hide this from me, he would know I would find out sooner that later Tom wanted to find a way out. Immediately after the storm ended he went to scavenger around the plane. He found buttons, switches, and what not.

Then he came across a radio he took it out only to find it was broken. Then he came across an orange bag that said “Emergency Use Only”. He ripped it out of the plane and yelled for Jim. They went through the bag together. In the bag there was cooking utensils, emergency food, fire making stuff, and a radio in a waterproof casing. They got it to work. That night Jim and Tom slept well.

The next day when they were doing there thing they heard the roar of a plane engine above. They immediately ran to the radio. They were trying to connect with the pilot after a couple try's they succeeded. Luckily the plane had pontoons on the bottom so it could land in water.

The pilot landed and they met and the pilot said that he had heard of the crash. They get on the plane and the pilot flies them to the nearest airport. Their family find out about the good news and they all reunited. After that soon returned to their home in Alaska.

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