Dominican Republic

The flag of the Dominican Republic was designed by founding father Juan Pablo Duarte, and adopted in 1844. It is centered with a white cross that extends to the edges and divides the flag into four rectangles. The color blue is for liberty, red for the blood of heroes, and white for salvation.

Geography: mountainous in the middle white forest and beach on the out skirts of the island Climate:the advrage is 77F. Dominican rebublics agriculture is centered around sugar cane and rice.
Three popular foods in Dominican Republic is sancocho or seven meat stew, mangu which is plantain mash and arroz which is white rice.

Dominican Republic Holidays are epiphany on Jan 06

Lady of Altagracia celebrated on Jan 21

Dining etiquette for making a toast. The most common toast is salud (to your health). Dining etiquette for beginning to eat. Start eating only after the host says, "Buen provecho!"

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