Islam Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Mecca is one of the most holy place on the planet. It is the most religious place for Muslims, where they gather each year to do a pilgrimage where millions of Muslims from all around the world come.

This is the ka'ba the black and gold building in the middle. There are a few steps to the pilgrimage and walking around the ka'ba (also referred to as the house of god) and praying a certain amount of times.

There is usually a lot of security there to make sure no one gets hurt or steals any thing which is very unlikely. When the king or anyone from the royal family comes they empty out everyone and send them outside at the same time what seems like hundreds of troops march down and all around the huge mosque uniformly. Before that happens many many cleaners and cleaning machines clean the floor and make it shiny every single day maybe even more than once some times. If you walk around it you will eventually see the city view which is usually not all of it except for the big buildings such as the huge clock tower. As shown in the picture below.

The name of this tower is Abraj Al-bait or the endowment tower. On the bottom of this photo you can see a few pillars rising and those are from the mosque named Al-haram not the haram meaning that you can't eat food you have to roll your tongue a little bit and press slightly in your neck. Mosque Al-haram is the mosque that holds the house of god in its center.

If you ever wanted to visit some place this talk clock tower is actually huge mall on the inside filled with stores and small restaurants such as Starbucks.

This is Safa Marwa, after completing the walk around the Ka'ba Muslims who are doing the Haajor or Umrah have to walk back and forth between these two mountains named Safa and Marwa, and they have to walk back and forth 7 times.
This cave here is named Hera. This is where the Angel Gabriel brought down the revelation. People travel here to see this where the revelation came which has changed the ways of many. It has changed peopl by adding laws and religious code of conduct.
Now onto one of the most IMPORTANT places and holy is this. You have to go there during Haaj as well as part of the pilgrimage. This is called the grounds of Arafat. What is this? You might ask. This is where Muslims believe is where the Day of Judgement will take place when everything that was once created will be destroyed and all of gods living creations will come back to life to be judged by god himself and then the after life will start forever for all eternity. These are the grounds where where everyone will line up and await their judgement go to heaven or hell based off of the good or bad you have done. During Haaj this turns into a camp city where people camp.
Here is a map showing the location of where Mecca is in Saudi Arabia and it also shows a few other cities as well
If you have some time to stop and rest you might as well to go to one of the most well known famous delicious fast food chains in Saudi Arabia. They sell delicious chicken,fish,fries,burgers,sandwiches,and ice cream. You most definitely have to try this and it's very cheap. If your lucky enough to get past the line or through the line fast enough you can enjoy a mouthwatering mouthful of deliciousness.




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