Should school uniforms be compulsory By Aasmik

Should school uniforms really be necessary? Even though they are a bit old,I still think that they are awesome. They look so much better than some of the clothes we wear, students have less peer pressure and they teach you how to be responsible. I think that school uniforms should absolutely be compulsory for every school.

School uniforms look excellent. They are basically formal clothes for students and make us look well dressed. School uniforms also look great in a group ,as all of look the same. Another great thing about looking the same is less peer pressure.

School uniforms together

In a good school, things won't be as good without school uniforms because there would be a lot of peer pressure. Students will encourage people to wear expensive clothes and exclude people who don't wear them. There would also be racial discrimination and students will make fun of students with financial problems. If peer pressure isn't bad enough for you then people who don't wear uniforms are less responsible.

Another good thing about a school uniform is that it teaches you how to be responsible. Whenever you set up your school uniform for the next day, you become a little more responsible than you were. A responsible person is more likely to hand in work at the right time and do all of his things well.

Overall school uniforms should be compulsory. They look great, reduce peer pressure and make you responsible for your adult life. School uniforms are the best thing about schools, don't destroy them.

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