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Let me tell you my story...


Hi. My name is jea.

And these are my pics.

I started to exhibit my works when something amazing happened: I observed that people connected with them. Some asked what my concept was and some related to them in their individual way. I create my visions from my heart and soul. I pour my ideas into them because otherwise they will never leave my head. This is a very private thing, of course. For years I just kept everything to myself. When I finally decided to show them to others, this new connection appeared. I sensed I can reach out to others via those pictures, that I don't have to be only by myself. Someone would see one of my works and just click with it. Sometimes to the extend that they want to keep it on their phone, or share it on social media or purchase a high-quality print that will accompany them forever in their home or office.


Watch how my very first art concept evolved: It outlines my own story.

The next part is CONTACT. I invite you to browse through some of my works and, as you have come so far already, make a connection.

From the exhibition

Acropolis reloaded


Time to burn

The spider





Where is the revolution


by Jea Pics

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