garlic grow a little magic

We cook with garlic all the time. Where do you get your garlic from?

Did you know you can plant the garlic in late October and harvest in July?

Break a head of garlic into cloves. Keep the skin on!
Dig a hole about 6 inches deep. Place the cloves of garlic with the tips pointing up.
Keep the soil moist by watering once every few days in the fall, between the ground freezes.
Some varieties of garlic produce a flower head called a "scape."
When the scape twists around, break it off about six inches from the flower.
By mid July, when the leaves begins to yellow, it's time to harvest!
Cure the garlic by hanging it up to dry in a cool and dark well ventilated place until leaves are dry, usually September.
cut the stems off about 6 inches from the bulb and store in paper bag and cool place.


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