Mangiamo! – Let’s eat! italian pizzeria assessment


A student

• LIT4-1C uses Italian to interact with others to exchange information, ideas and opinions, and make plans

• LIT4-3C organises and responds to information and ideas in texts for different audiences

• LIT4-5U applies Italian pronunciation and intonation patterns

• LIT4-6U applies features of Italian grammatical structures and sentence patterns to convey information and ideas.

In groups of 3-4, imagine you are planning a night in with friends to thank them for their hospitality during your exchange in Italy and want to order pizzas. Using these Italian menus provided, discuss what to order with your group and why. Place your order. Film or present the interaction in a role play. In your role play, you will be required to:

• express and negotiate preferences, for example, what you don’t like and the pizza and drink that you like/want to order

• order enough pizzas and drinks for the group, based on the menu provided, taking into consideration your friends’ preferences

• use language with clear intonation and pronunciation

• use a range of grammatical structures and sentence patterns.

See the tips below on how to complete this task.

Students with a background in Italian

In pairs, imagine you run a YouTube channel reviewing restaurants. Using an Italian menu provided to you, film your review of the pizzeria, recounting what you ate, what you enjoyed and didn’t enjoy. Rate the pizzeria. (Note: If you only have one background speaker in the class, the student can complete the task with you, or with a family member.)

In your review, you will be required to:

• talk about the food and drinks you consumed, and what you liked and didn’t like, based on the menu provided

• give an opinion about the restaurant, with a rating

• use language with clear intonation and pronunciation

• use a range of grammatical structures and sentence patterns.

COMMUNICATING – choose a video conferencing platform for you and your classmates to communicate, brainstorm, plan and practise your Italian pronunciation. Some suggestions may be Zoom, Teams, SeeSaw or Adobe Connect. You may be able to use the whiteboard function in your video conferencing platform to brainstorm ideas!

COLLABORATION AND PLANNING – choose a way to keep track of your information, where everyone can contribute together and in their own time. Invite your teacher to the platform you have chosen by sending them a link to use so that they can easily give you feedback along the way. Some suggestions may be a shared Google Doc or a shared Microsoft Word online doc.

THINGS TO CONSIDER – use a range of language, such as a variety of vocabulary, adjectives, joining words, sentence starters, positive and negative sentences. Giving an opinion with a reason, for example Mi piace questa pizza perché non è troppo piccante. Or Non mi piacciono i funghi! Does it sound like a real conversation? Is it your own work and using language you have learnt and NOT Google Translate? How will you contact your teacher when you need help?

CREATING YOUR VIDEO – Kapwing is a great tool for creating and editing videos together even from different locations. You should use this tool to film your parts, put them together and edit with your friends online, add Italian audio and English subtitles. Once you have finished send a link to your teacher.

Don't forget to submit on time!

Here are some little video clips and a review link for some inspiration......



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